Junior Membership and DAR School Luncheons at 2015 Congress

Are you attending Continental Congress? Are you planning to attend the Junior Membership Luncheon on Saturday, June 27? Do you want to sit with California Juniors and other California Daughters?

If you answered “yes” to each question, please do the following:

1. If you haven’t already, make your reservation (credit card only) via the link provided through the 124th Continental Congress Tentative Schedule. Reserve now>>

2. Be sure to identify “CA Group” in the Seating Request box provided on the reservation form.

Once your reservation has been made, send a message to the State Corresponding Secretary, Adele Lancaster, to let her know. She will be sending a listing of California Daughters to the luncheon contact, Rebecca Hough, on May 1, 2015, requesting that CA Daughters be seated together. Rebecca has promised to work with us, but has made no guarantees. Reservation notifications coming in after May 1 will not be included in the seating request list.

Reservations have already been made for California Juniors attending and paging at Congress. The tickets were sent to the Juniors at their home addresses and should have been received.

DAR School Luncheon
CSSDAR School Chair Kristine Wood has already sent checks and request for California seating assignments to the luncheon contact, Suzanne Bellinger. If you did not get your check to Kristine in time to be included in the mailing, reservations can still be made using information provided in the Congress Schedule. However, you will not necessarily be seated with California Daughters.

Reservation Deadlines: The last day for most event reservations is June 1, 2015.

Adele Lancaster
State Corresponding Secretary

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