New State Form Available

Do you need to get a message out to all California Members? Does your information apply to everyone in CA? Then the latest state form is for you: Send an Announcement!

The State Communiqué system is for CSSDAR business between state and chapter officers or state and chapter chairmen. The state treasurer sends a request or information to chapter treasurers via a Communiqué. The reason she uses this system, instead of just an email from her personal email account, is that other groups, such as the State Board, Honorary State Regents, District Directors, Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs, can all be copied so they’re aware of the request or information. Or, perhaps, a state VIS chair needs to convey information to the chapter VIS chairs but it’s important that chapter regents and district directors be aware of the information, too–she uses the Communiqué system to get that message out. Communiqués are NOT posted for general viewing anywhere and are sent only to the people designated on the form.

The State Announcement system is to be used to transmit information meant for all California Members. The Announcement is sent to chapter regents for dissemination to their chapter members email lists. State officers and chairmen can use an Announcement, which is meant for all members and is not office or chair specific, to send out general information. Maybe the state conference chair wants to inform everyone of a location or time change for state conference. She wants anyone and everyone to know so she sends an Announcement. The Announcement is also posted in the Clarion, on the CA Facebook closed group page, and on the home page of the CSSDAR Members’ website, under the new Announcements section. Due to the wide broadcasting of information, Announcements do not contain DAR business and recipients are predetermined on the form.

Both forms are available on the CSSDAR Members’ Website, under State Forms and Documents. Once filled out, the form is submitted to: who then makes sure the Communiqué or Announcement meets with the state regent’s approval. Once approved, the form is blasted as specified.

Lisa Fox
VIS State Chairman
California State Webmaster

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