Chapter Achievement Awards Form and Master Questionnaire Merge

The Chapter Achievement form and the Master Questionnaire have been merged into the new Chapter Master Report for 2014. The Chapter Achievement Awards form is now a Committee Page on this new report. The Chapter Master Report (CMR) is available thru e-Membership on the Home Page after log-in, or it can also be accessed from the National Member’s Website by designated chapter members with your chapter’s CMR pin code that is available from your chapter regent. Just enter the appropriate information, click on Save & Next>> to save your entries. That’s it, you are done! No signatures, and no mailing. The CMR must be Marked Complete no later than Saturday, January 31, 2015 by 9:00 pm PDT.

I encourage everyone to view the new Webinar titled e-Master Questionnaire (eMQ) and e-Chapter Achievement Awards (eCAA) dated September 2014. This is free, available 24/7 and is accessed through the National Member’s Website, Committees, DAR Leadership Training, Webinar Archives and listed in the Chapter Leadership section. Also, please read the National Chapter Achievement Awards Committee web page for more information and instructions, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Chapter Achievement Awards Committee
Cheryl Fondse, State Chair
Arleen Richards, State Vice-Chair

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