California State Board of Directors – State Organizing Secretary

The State Organizing Secretary manages the organization of all state chapters, by assisting them to grow and maintain a healthy relationship with their members. Just like the honey bee is the heart of our existence in growing our crops – Membership is the heart of our existence in DAR! The duties of this officer include maintaining all records pertaining to organizing and strengthening existing chapters, discouraging disbandment and assisting with chapter mergers. She is a member of the Chapter Development and Revitalization Committee, and is available to answer questions and concerns of all chapters.

This summer is a great time to check the overall health of your chapter. As you plan, look for programs that are exciting to draw your members to attend meetings, and ask members what activities interest them. Remember you may have members of varying age groups with different needs – don’t forget to include everyone.

Enthusiasm is contagious, so get new members involved immediately while the excitement is fresh, and mentor them. They may have great suggestions to help generate new members, and may be the future leaders in your chapter. Give new members an orientation class, pair them with a “buddy” to answer questions, acquaint them with DAR objectives, rituals, programs, committees, and introduce them to your current membership. This officer would be pleased to assist.

Keep your prospective members list current, contact them promptly and offer to help them with their applications. Invite prospective members to your chapter meetings and activities in the community. Is your chapter visible in your community? Promoting chapter activities in your local newspaper is a great way to get the word out, and encourage chapter participation in your events. Do you have a one- minute speech explaining what DAR is, when people ask you? Place a subscription of the American Spirit magazine with your chapter brochure at your local community college, university, local library, historical and genealogical societies.

Organize new chapters in your area where it would be beneficial to some who are traveling a great distance to attend meetings, or not attending at all. It would mean greater visibility in your communities, and increase membership in the State Society. If you are not sure where to begin, please contact this officer by phone or email and she will assist you. This officer is here to help you – along with members of the Chapter Development and Revitalization Committee – with unfinished application papers, new member orientation, programs and leadership. Please contact this officer to guide your chapters to become healthy chapters.

Cindy Allen
State Organizing Secretary

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