New Genealogy Guidelines Supersede Past Documents

A new publication, Genealogy Guidelines, published by the National Society assembles  the following four documents: This documents combines and supersedes the following:

  • Guide for Chapter Registrars
  • Application Papers: Instructions for Their Preparation
  • Is That Lineage Right?
  • Is That Service Right?

The documents above are no longer available on the Members’ Website, as the new DAR Genealogy Guidelines replaces them.

The new DAR Genealogy Guidelines have been posted on the Members’ Website under the Registrar General’s Forms:

Those who prepare or submit new member applications or supplemental applications should download and review the Genealogy Guidelines and keep it handy.

Please refer your questions to State Registrar Beverly Moncrieff.

Beverly Moncrieff

Beverly Moncrieff
California State Registrar


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