Updated Information for Processing New Members Dues

Please pass this very important information to your new chapter regent, registrar, and treasurer.

In an effort to welcome approved applicants to membership in a more timely manner, as well as to smooth processing cycles throughout the calendar year, the National Board of Management has authorized a procedure to allow for the acceptance of approved applicants via electronic vote on a monthly basis (rather than just six times per year).

While effective in reaching those desired goals, this action has also meant that those new members accepted in July would be responsible to almost immediately pay the upcoming year’s dues upon issuance of the Chapter Dues Invoice, which is produced on August 1 each year.

The National Executive Committee has determined that all those members admitted on July 5, 2014, will be considered to have paid their dues for the 2015 calendar year. In essence, they will receive 18 months of membership for the price of 12 months. Their name/National number will be marked as “Paid” on the Chapter Dues Invoice that will be mailed by NSDAR to chapters after August 1, and chapter treasurers need NOT re-bill them for their National dues.

Chapters should collect and hold State dues at the time of application submission. Upon a member’s acceptance, the treasurer is to forward the held dues with a completed State Remittance Form within 30 days (following the instructions on the form). If the application is not approved, the chapter should refund the State dues to the applicant. If the applicant is approved and the chapter did not collect the State dues at the time of application submission they will have to collect from the member at the time of acceptance and forward on to the State. The dues will be credited as 2015 State dues.

Please send any questions to the State Registrar.

Thank you.

Beverly Moncrieff
State Registrar

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