Protocol Pointer – June 2014

Continental Congress begins June 25th, and it will be exciting to see Daughters from all over the world!  Please keep the following protocol pointers in mind as you enjoy all of the events:

  • The President General is the highest-ranking officer of the National Society. She is the honored guest at any DAR function, and should always be given the place of honor.  We are excited that the President General will be attending the California Congressional Tea!
  • Members should rise whenever the President General enters the room and is presented. This is not to honor the person, but is a deserved courtesy in recognition and tribute to her high office and to her sash. 
  • Members should rise and remain standing at the entrance of the processional at Continental Congress.  In the procession are those ladies currently serving on the National Board of Management – the President General, the 11 Executive Officers, and the 21 Vice Presidents General.  The State Regents are also members of the National Board of Management, and they will process during daytime sessions when they are to give their official reports.  All will be wearing sashes.  The President General will enter last.
  • Daughters who are serving, or have served, on the National Board of Management by virtue of an elected office are entitled to wear a sash.  Each sash worn by a Daughter designates a specific office: active, honorary, or past.  The wider the sash, the higher the office. 
  • As a sign of respect for their office, please show special courtesies to all ladies wearing sashes – such as allowing them to go first when going through a door or standing in line.
  • The State delegation should rise briefly when the California State Regent comes forward to give her report at Continental Congress and at the Memorial Service when the State is called.  Just rise briefly and then be seated.  No need to stand through her entire report.
  • Insignia, pins and ribbons are not to be worn in public unless one is officially representing the DAR.  At Continental Congress, it is often easier to attach your pins to your clothing before you leave for a DAR event at the hall.  If walking or travelling by bus or taxi, simply cover them with a scarf or sweater, or attach them to a jacket that can be removed while in public.  This is also something to keep in mind if you leave the DAR building for a quick lunch at a restaurant – please cover or remove your pins!
  • Don’t forget to bring a pair of white gloves for receiving lines!
  • Please remember that the fundamental principles of protocol are dictated by ethics, courtesy, good manners, and common sense. 

As always, please email this committee chairman with any questions regarding protocol!

Sharon Maas
State Protocol Chair

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