This communique will clarify information that went out in a communique dated May 14, 2014, regarding membership requirements for chapter officers.  The communique inadvertently included “all officers” in the information.

NSDAR Bylaws state:

NSDAR Bylaws, ARTICLE XIII , SECTION 6. (b) To be eligible for the office of Regent or First Vice Regent, a member shall have held membership in the chapter for at least one year prior to her election, except as provided in Section 3(a) and (b) of this Article and Article IX. Section 3 (j).

The National Board of Management shall:
(j) have the power to grant to a chapter or a state organization, for reasonable cause, a temporary exception to the provisions of Article XIII, Chapters,Section 6 (b) and (c) and Article XV, States, Section 6.

All chapters should make sure they have the five officers required by NSDAR:

NSDAR Bylaws, ARTICLE V. OFFICERS. Section 1. The elected officers of the chapter shall be a Regent, First Vice Regent, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. Each chapter shall have these five officers, and no member shall hold two of these offices, except in chapters with (30) thirty or fewer members.  No one member in any chapter shall hold the office of chapter regent and chapter treasurer at the same time. [These officers required in NSDAR Bylaws, Article XIII. Section 6 (a).]
If your chapter needs to apply for an exception for the office of regent or first vice regent for someone who has not been a member of the chapter for at least one year, please contact the state regent.  The state regent will in turn contact NSDAR to request that the National Board of Management  (NBOM) approve the exception when it meets in June.  Please send the name and National number of the individuals requiring exception, and send these to the state regent as soon as possible so they can get on the NBOM agenda for June.

If you have questions, please contact the State Organizing Secretary.

Thank you.

Cindy Allen
State Organizing Secretary

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