California State Board of Directors – State Recording Secretary

The recording secretary is charged with keeping accurate records of the actions taken by chapter and district boards and their membership. It is in the keeping of these records, called minutes, that the decisions of the chapter are preserved. Minutes also record if a task has been assigned (“an action”) and to the specific person responsible for completion. The deadline for the task may also be included in the minutes. Reviewing past actions is typically an important part of meeting agendas. Good minutes record actions not conversations. The recording of motions is an important part of this activity. The use of a motion form helps the secretary accurately record the motion in the minutes. Sample Minutes and a Motion Form are now available on the CSSDAR Members’ website under Forms and Documents.

Another responsibility of the recording secretary is that of maintaining the chapter bylaws. The bylaws are the governing document of the chapter and it is imperative that they be updated as necessary. It is important that all records, minutes, motions and bylaws be both accurate and available for review by the members.

If at any time this officer can help you, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Midge Enke
State Recording Secretary

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