DAR Leadership Training – What it can do for your chapter!

We are at that time of year again when some chapter boards are changing over and existing boards are beginning their planning for the next year. New committee chairs are being appointed and existing chairs are gearing up for another year. Some Daughters’ have received an appointment by the State Regent to chair a committee. Either way, planning has started as the work of the society never stops!

How do these new board members, chapter chairs, and state chairs become acquainted with their duties? The DAR Leadership Training committee provides DAR members in DAR leadership capacities (e.g., state and chapter regents, officers, chairman) the tools and assistance to develop leadership qualities, cultivate relationships and to create new opportunities for their chapters and state. Leadership skills include planning and organizing, listening, promoting, delegation, communication and problem solving.

This committee provides monthly webinars through the DAR Members’ Website covering topics on leading a chapter meeting, lineage research, membership, paging, Continental Congress and public relations. Since the inception of this committee, all webinars offered online have been recorded and are available for viewing at any time on the committee website. All webinars are offered to all members at no cost. During the live sessions, participants have a convenient forum to ask questions of the presenters.

How does it work? The webinar is a live meeting or presentation transmitted over the web. Each webinar lasts about 20-30 minutes with a brief question and answer session at the end.

Unable to attend a webinar, look through the archives. The archives contain all the webinars and a copy of the presentation script.

How does this help chapter boards and committee chair’s? Well, the archived webinars are a great way to offer training.  For new chapter regents, Managing a Chapter Meeting webinar; current chapter regents, Parliamentary Procedure.  New chapter registrars, DAR Genie Workshop 101 webinar; current registrars, Lineage Research Lookup (LRL) Board webinar. How do you get you membership involved, Engaging New Members Through Education and Involvement webinar!

There’s not just training, there’s also possible chapter programs. Want to educate the membership about the President General’s project, Our DAR Home, Protect and Preserve the Building and Contents webinar. What if the chapter is would like more information on protocol? There’s DAR Protocol, Ethics, Courtesy, Good Manners, and Common Sense webinar. With the surge in new members into the society there’s the DAR Insignia and Pins webinar.

As you can see, there’s a wealth of information out there put together by the National Committee Chairs, which will instruct and inform all levels of chapter leadership!

Please contact this National Vice Chair for more information.

In DAR service,


Christina Ramos
National Vice Chair
DAR Leadership Training

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