California State Board of Directors – State Librarian

This state officer is honored to have been elected, and excited to assume her duties. The next two years will be busy working on NSDAR Library Projects, and collecting books for the CSSDAR Library Collection at the Fresno County Library.

The DAR Library and the Seimes Technology Center have been merged into the DAR Library Committee. The DAR Library is a world class genealogical research facility with an extensive collection. In addition to seeking funds for new computers, and photocopiers, the DAR Library is looking for additional items: family histories and genealogies; local histories; genealogical and historical periodicals and journals; cemetery transcripts; church record abstracts; published compilations of county and town records.

The Seimes Technology Center houses computers with access to online genealogical databases, as well as copies of DAR applications and supporting documentation. The Seimes Center seeks funds for online database site licenses and subscriptions.

Members are encouraged to support these two valuable resources, and information can be obtained on both the Librarian General and State Librarian web pages.

The CSSDAR Library Collection is growing, and the librarians at the Fresno County Library have a long list of books that they hope will be added to the collection. The Jamison Administration motto is: “Bees are at the heart of our existence”. An “Adopt a Book” project will begin soon, and this officer hopes that California Daughters will “bee there” and purchase books through this program.

This state officer looks forward to working on these projects, and is always available to answer questions or assist with donations.

Donna Riegel
State Librarian

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