Mission Membership – April 2014

IMPORTANT REMINDER TO CHAPTER REGISTRARS and VOLUNTEER GENIES:  On January 24, 2014, the National genealogy staff posted an announcement that beginning February 1, 2014, applications must be submitted on the newest level of the application software, a writable pdf version which is posted on the DAR Members’ website.  This application software was made available as Version 6 in October 2012, with an earlier version and the Build an App software available several months prior to that.  The recent State Registrar’s Workshops also reminded teams to move to the newest software.  Registrars who submitted applications on the outdated software after February 1 are finding “Have Writtens” in their mailboxes, requiring that the application be resubmitted using the current software.

This serves as a painful reminder that we all need to check the DAR Members’ website for the newest announcements and, for this team especially,  updates  from the Registrar General’s Office, Organizing Secretary General’s Office, Volunteer Genies, Lineage Research, and National Membership Chair. Please also take the time to look at the Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission web page periodically. It’s your responsibility to your chapter!

IT’S NOMINATION AND ELECTION TIME: As chapters are electing nominating committees to select the next term’s candidates for officers to lead their membership, perhaps we should give extra thought to what we most want in our chapter leaders. This officer will put primary emphasis on the regent and the registrar, though these characteristics are important for the entire board. If we were writing an “employment ad” for a regent or registrar, it might start out, “Looking for upbeat, cheerful personalities!”  These two officers are the face of your chapter, representing you all to the outside world, as well as to your own membership. These officers need a smile on their faces, warmth in their voices, and encouragement in their tone. They must be approachable, open to new ideas and suggestions and fun-loving. So, while you’re looking at the written qualifications and requirements for these officers, please spend time on the personal characteristics as well. Your chapter will thank you for it and be a more successful team.

DAR and DNA: On January 2, 2014, the following announcement was posted on the DAR Members’ website –  “DAR Begins Accepting DNA Evidence and Launches New Online DNA Genealogy Class.
Family Tree DNA Offers Special Discount on Y-DNA Testing for DAR Application Purposes.” 
This is a topic of great interest to our family history researchers and details may be found at

Beverly Roberson Moncrieff
State Registrar


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