Protocol Pointer – March 2014

The 106th California State Conference is just around the corner!  Here are a few protocol pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Show respect to our conference guests.  The First Vice President General and State Regents from Arizona and Georgia will be attending state conference.  Please allow them to enter lines ahead of you, hold doors open for them, help them find their way to events, help them carry items, and just be friendly!   Make them feel welcome!  Feel free to approach all of our guests to make their acquaintance. They want to meet you!
  2. All members should stand and applaud the introduction or entrance of the State Regent and remain standing until she has reached her place on the platform or at the head table. This is a courtesy shown to the office she holds.
  3. Chapter members should stand briefly when their chapter regent or state officer gives her report at state conference.  Members of each district should also stand briefly when the district director gives her report. During the Memorial Service on Sunday morning, chapter and associate members should stand while the names of their chapter members are read.
  4. Please dress appropriately! 
  • Attire for Opening Night and Saturday Night Celebration Dinner:   Formal – long gowns, cocktail pants suits, dressy suits, dressy dresses for women.  For men: Suit and tie or tuxedos are best, but a sport coat and tie is acceptable.
  • Attire for business meetings:  Business attire – suits, pants suits, dresses, skirts and blouses.  No jeans, sweats, or shorts!
  1. Remember that cell phones should be silenced, or in the vibrate mode during a meeting or event.  If there is an emergency, and you must take a call, please step outside of the room before talking.  Texting or sending emails during a meeting is distracting to the speaker, and to those sitting around you, so please try to avoid doing this.
  2. If you need a special meal, you need to immediately contact the State Conference Chair Susan Montgomery. The kitchen needs to know, in advance, how many special meals need to be prepared.  If a special meal is requested, then one less regular meal will be prepared.  If you send your meal back at the time you are served, the hotel can charge for both meals!  Please don’t let this happen.
  3. In regards to alcohol, it is not appropriate to bring your own bottle of wine into a DAR meal event.  Corkage fees will apply, and the hotel is not prepared to deal with that while serving a large group such as ours.
  4. And finally, please remember that the fundamental principles of protocol are dictated by ethics, courtesy, good manners, and common sense. 

As always, please email this committee chair with any questions regarding protocol! 

Sharon Maas
State Protocol Chair

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