After eight State Registrar’s Workshops and thousands of miles traveled during this term, your Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission is happy to report that approximately 300 Daughters joined us this term to learn about Membership Teams, e-Membership, utilizing starter applications, improved research, and preventing “Have Writtens” for our prospectives. These Daughters shared ideas and successes, asked questions, and learned a lot. And we members of the Commission learned a lot from them. So it’s our turn to say “Thank You” to all of you who spent your time and energy with us. Your efforts will result in more members and improved applications!

For those of you who help our new members with applications but were not available to attend one of the workshops, we ask you this:

Imagine the excitement of submitting your application for NSDAR membership, signing it and watching it be mailed off, waiting for the long-awaited national number, and then receiving a letter that: 1) more information is required; 2) sources are not sufficient or acceptable; or 3) the linkages between generations have not been proven. You can add to the list. Some of the letters that this officer has seen coming back to prospectives and registrars seem to indicate that we haven’t given sufficient attention to checking the application for the prospective member before it is submitted. And then imagine the disappointment when weeks and months go by and help is not there to answer the questions, make the corrections and help that prospective become a member.

As a chapter registrar, your signature on that application says that you carefully checked that application for completeness and accuracy.  California has a backlog of applications that have been submitted to National and become the subject of these “Have Written” letters. Once a letter is written by a genealogist at national requesting information from the applicant the clock starts ticking. Two years are allowed before the application is returned and the application fee is forfeited. California currently has fifteen applications that are within six months of expiring—that means that it has been eighteen months or more since that first letter was written to the applicant. The applicant’s disappointment builds and her interest in DAR often wanes. Lineage Research Chair Barbara McMahan is ready and willing to help chapter registrars and volunteer genealogists resolve these questions, hopefully before it is too late. Please call her at (209) 295-7182 or email bmcmahon@volcano.net and let us help you and your applicants.

News from National! Approvals will be coming to you faster!

Beginning January 5, 2014, the National Board of Management began accepting approved applications on a monthly basis. Each month, members of the National Board will vote for the acceptance of new members electronically through e-Membership.

With this change in procedure new members will be able to enjoy the benefits of membership sooner. National numbers will be available in e-Membership after the voting is concluded each month. New member packets, including the new member certificate, will be mailed soon afterward.

Beverly Moncrieff
State Registrar

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