Clarification for Supplemental Credit for a New Patriot or Different Child of an Existing Patriot

New rules have been announced from the national chairman of the Volunteer Genealogists Committee, Diane Brannum Hamill, for submitting a supplemental application for a new patriot or different child of an existing patriot. These rules pertain to giving credit to someone who is eligible to receive it, toward the Volunteer Genealogist pin or bars.

Effective Jan 1, 2014, when you send in your supplemental for a new line, you may also send in a short signed letter acknowledging one member who helped you. Include the members name and National number. Make sure your registrar knows about this. When the packet arrives in DC, the Data Entry department will scan the letter in with the supporting documents for the supplemental. This letter will ensure credit will be given to the member who assisted you.

Members must also complete and sign the Supplemental Application Research Confirmation form as you have been doing. The assisting member will keep that to submit with her VG log when she completes it.

Credit may also be given to one member for helping you establish any new line for DAR. If you yourself are also eligible for the VG pin, you will also automatically be given credit for your own supplemental paper.

For new applications the process is unchanged. If you are to receive credit for a new line you helped establish for a prospective member, your name and National number must be typed into the application in one of the two Member-for-Member fields.

The requirements for earning the VG pin are on the Volunteer Genealogists Committee website, under “Pins.”

Corky Peterson
Volunteer Genealogists Chair

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