Mission Membership – December 2013

Let’s talk about Member-for-Member Credit! What is it and why does it matter? This officer receives many phone calls related to these questions and the fair administration of this DAR recognition.  So let’s clear the air!

The Member for Member (M4M) Program was established by the National Society to give credit to up to two members per application, for DAR members who help new members in one of two  ways:

1)  Credit should be given to a member who identifies and invites a prospective member to her chapter who then ends up joining the chapter. She is the “enthusiastic recruiter” that we all aim to be.  The member who invites MUST sign the application as an endorser to receive member- for-member credit and MUST be a member of the prospective’s new chapter.

2)  Credit should also be given to the member who researches and documents the lineage and service for the prospective’s application papers. She is that “dedicated genealogist” who has a passion for research and devotes herself to helping others with their genealogy. The member who does research does NOT have to be a member of the chapter the applicant is joining. If the member who is doing the research is a member of the chapter, then she may serve as the second endorser, but is not required to do so. Simply typing or computer- generating an application does not constitute providing research and does not qualify for member-for-member credit.     Preparing the application from the applicant’s research is part of the job of a chapter registrar and does not, in itself, qualify her for member-for-member credit.

Chapter registrars, membership committee members, volunteer genies, etc. may all earn credit if they do the research.

It is the responsibility of the chapter registrar to assure that the credit is fairly assigned on the application. The National Society requests that these M4M names be entered on the application before the applicant is asked to sign it.

Now, what does the Member-for-Member credit do for you?  (This is, of course, in addition to the obvious benefit of growing your chapter and our society’s membership). Once a DAR member has obtained 50 M4M credits she receives special privileges that assist her in research.  She now has online access to the proofs and source materials used for the many applications that have been proven for DAR membership.  She may view (but not print or copy) the numerous wills, vital records, bible records, etc. that have been submitted to the National Society. She also has access online to the many Genealogical Record Collection records that have been submitted by chapters through the years. These privileges are retained as long as the member continues to qualify for 5 new M4M credits every 18 months.

It is, as always, important that a high quality job be done on the application.  In the quest to earn 50 credits, it might be tempting to take shortcuts. This will not benefit the researcher or the applicant, so we ask you to do your usual good work.

We are proud to announce that 35 California Daughters have earned the 50 Member-for- member credits and are eligible for the privileges that are accorded.  They are willing to use that special access to help you with your research. Just call them. If you don’t know one of these researchers, just contact Corky Peterson, State Volunteer Genealogist Chairman, or Barbara McMahon, State Lineage Research Chairman and they will see that you get the help you are looking for.

Beverly Moncrieff
California State Registrar

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