Parliamentary Strategy – Chapter Model Bylaws

The state parliamentarian has received a number of questions from chapters regarding why it is important to conform the chapter bylaws to the NSDAR model. Chapter bylaws committee members have been working for weeks on revising their chapter bylaws to the NSDAR model. In an effort to make this job easier, the State Society provided each chapter with the model bylaws in 8.5 x 11 inch Word format. All chapters are to have their conformed bylaws to the state parliamentarian by no later than January 15, 2014.

Many chapters have asked why their bylaws have to be revised.  The answer appears in the National Handbook and Bylaws:


The following model has been developed to serve as a guide when writing, amending, or revising chapter bylaws. Requirements of the chapter are of primary importance and the model can be adjusted so long as the bylaws do not conflict with the Bylaws of the National Society or those of an existing state organization. Sections mandated by the NSDAR – National Bylaws are indicated by bold face italics and must be copied word for word in chapter bylaws. Examples are Articles I. II. and III. Other requirements may be placed in whichever Article is appropriate for the chapter in language the chapter selects. (Words) which are underlined within parentheses are to be filled with language chosen by the chapter. Comments within brackets NOT underlined are for information. NSDAR National Bylaws may be used as a guide to correct language.


If you require another copy of the Model Bylaws, please go to the CSSDAR Members’ website, pull down the menu at the top of the page for “Chapter Officers.”  Click on “Tool boxes,” and then click  “Parliamentarian.”

Send any questions to the state parliamentarian.

Thank you.

Mary Lynn Brown
State Parliamentarian

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