Protocol Pointer – October 2013

As stated in the DAR Handbook:

“Protocol may be defined as the ceremonial forms and courtesies that are established as proper and correct or as the proper etiquette for recognizing and honoring those in positions of leadership. The fundamental principles of protocol are dictated by ethics, courtesy, good manners, and common sense.”

As the new DAR year begins, please remember to not only extend courtesies to those in positions of leadership, but also to each other – your fellow chapter members.  Revised bylaws and standing rules will be adopted.  DAR policies of non-affiliation and circularization must be followed.  Adhering to the financial reporting guidelines is critical to maintaining the status of a non-profit organization.  These are changes that will be discussed at your upcoming chapter and district meetings, and not everyone will agree!  Please remember to listen to your leader, and to each other.  Respect the opinions of others, but keep in mind that these rules have been carefully scrutinized by your state board, and must be followed.

As always, please email this committee chairman with any questions regarding protocol.

Sharon Maas
State Protocol Chairman

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