With those autumn leaves we welcome an exciting new DAR  year, member reunions after summer vacations, and renewed enthusiasm! If you or members of your chapter haven’t yet attended one our California Registrar’s Workshops, please watch the California Clarion and CSSDAR Members’ website to find out when another one is scheduled near you. Registrar workshops have been held around the state, focusing on training and updating registrars, membership teams, and anyone interested in helping with membership. So far, the Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission has hosted workshops from north to south and has received enthusiastic response. Our goal is to reach every chapter in California.

News from the National Society: President General Lynn Young is challenging every DAR chapter to a net growth of 10% during her three-year term of office. Just think of the new ideas and energy that your chapter will experience as we welcome new Daughters. And remember, net growth = new members minus lost members! This is an important time to be encouraging every Daughter to pay her dues and renew her membership!

Q’s and A’s – keep those calls and notes coming!

Q. Our registrar is travelling, in the hospital, or is not available to sign the chapter applications that we have been working on. What can we do?

A. Either the chapter regent or chapter registrar may attest the signature of the applicant. If one or both of these officers is unavailable, the following officers may sign the application and/or attest the signature of the applicant: the first vice regent, recording secretary, or treasurer. When any officer signs in place of the regent or registrar, she should sign her name followed by her title. Remember they must be current chapter officers and signatures must agree with those on file with the Office of the Organizing Secretary General.

Q. How is it possible that an ancestor was previously accepted, but is no longer? One of our prospective member’s has a  relative who became a member based on this ancestor’s service, but now we are told that she cannot.

A. In the early days of the Society, little or no documentation was required to prove either the lineage or Revolutionary War service. Sometimes, new information establishes that the ancestor did not perform acceptable service, or has been credited with service that he did not actually perform. When this occurs, and when no alternative service can be found in an acceptable source, we must close the ancestor’s lineage to all new applicants. This does not affect the membership standing of any member who has joined the Society on this lineage in the past. If you’re a genealogy super sleuth and want to help solve some of these closed lines, check out the “Cold Case” Project on the DAR Members’ website or contact State Lineage Research Chairman Barbara McMahon with your interest. You might be the one that re-opens this line!

Beverly Roberson Moncrieff
State Registrar

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