Tea Anyone?

Belinda Rachman, Mary Catherine Kirby, Rae Castro, Wanda Prosser, Alida Woodward, Brenda Rerich, DianaCook

Fourteen stalwart members of the Santa Margarita Chapter gathered at the home of member Belinda Rachman for a fun afternoon partaking of tea, delicious goodies, and brilliant repartee. The idea was to get together during the long summer break. An afternoon “pot-luck” tea? Whoever had heard of such a thing? It sounded just like something that Santa Margarita Daughters could get behind. Belinda, Rae Castro, Terra Castro, and Diana Cook took the idea and ran with it. Members brought desserts, tea sandwiches, and their own tea cups. They shared stories behind some of the cups.  One from Paris, one a mother’s favorite, and another a gift from a special friend. Hats were in order and all manner of styles were worn. A wonderful gathering and plans are already underway for raising the pinkies next summer.

Submitted by: Wanda Prosser

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