The California Clarion has published over 350 articles through the first year of the Jamison administration. Many thanks go to the Daughters and committee chairmen who contributed articles. Currently there are 8,000 members in California who have e-mail and only 370 of those subscribe to the Clarion. This represents only 5% of members with email. With these numbers in mind, the State Regent and the VIS Committee have decided this informational tool needs to be revamped. At Northern and Southern Council there will a be discussion during the VIS Committee Open Forum concerning the Clarion. We urge chapter and district VIS chairmen to attend this forum.


Subscribing to the Clarion allows the State Society to send a “digest” of the weekly articles in the Clarion directly to members. This digest gives you a brief look at a Clarion headline and article, and if you want to read the rest of the article you just click on the link. It takes you right to the Clarion page. Push the back button to get back to your digest list or stay in the actual Clarion and browse all the articles for the week.

All chapter regents and district directors are required to subscribe to the California Clarion. You must subscribe by September 30.

Please go to Go all the way down to the bottom of the page to the right hand corner. You will see “Subscribe.” Enter your email address in the box and then click “Subscribe.” You will receive an email to confirm that your address is correct. Make sure your spam catcher/virus protection will allow this email address from the Clarion:


The Clarion digest comes out each week, and we have endeavored to put all news in the Clarion. However, we also know that many regents are not currently subscribed to the Clarion and they are also not going to the Clarion website to read the newsletter. This is why we have sent communiqués with the news you need to know. We also sometimes ask the district directors to make sure that regents are aware of news. Regents and directors are required to subscribe to the Clarion because going forward communiqués will only be used for emergency messages. All news will be delivered weekly in the Clarion digest.


Part of the Clarion revamp includes changing the way Chapter Chatter is handled. Chapter articles received from June through September 10 will be published in the next Clarion. Beginning immediately, all Chapter Chatter articles should be posted by chapters on the CSSDAR facebook page. This is a great place to share your chapter activities and ideas. Encourage your members to sign up for our State facebook page.

To get to the CSSDAR facebook page:

* Go to the facebook homepage and open an account for yourself (if you don’t already have one) –

* join the group “Daughters of the American Revolution – California Members”

Once you have joined the group, feel free to share your chapter activities and photos. For those of you who are on our State facebook page, we ask that you continue to make positive comments, respect one another, and share information and ideas. Remember our site is monitored daily and inappropriate comments or postings will be removed.

As the Clarion undergoes some changes during the next couple of months, we will continue to publish important information. Regents and Directors should also read the updated State and NSDAR committee web pages for information about the new National administration, changes to committee projects, and deadlines. A List of Due Dates is available on the CSSDAR Members’ website and the Master Calendar. District Directors have been advised of changes to some of the National committees and should have shared that with chapters by this date. The State Regent’s Message will continue to be available on her web page and in the Regent’s Tool Box.

Christina Ramos
State Chairman, California Clarion

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