Mission Membership – July 2013

Mission Membership

Bev Moncrieff, California State Registrar

What a beautiful time of year to drive north up the California coast to Eureka, enjoy the scenery and the company of our DAR Daughters, and join us for the 5th Registrar’s Workshop on August 10th in Eureka, from 10 am to 2 pm. If you haven’t thought about it yet, please consider joining us. It’s all about membership, so for any of you interested in any aspect of building and retaining membership, this is for you.  A special treat for those of you who want to come a little early on Friday and spend the night, District III Director Catherine Mace has invited us to a barbeque at her home in the woods. Why not get a group together and make it a summer outing for your chapter? Details for the workshop are available on the State website under Communiques. Just send an email to registrar@californiadar.org or call me at 530-274-9710 to confirm your attendance. And I’ll send you details on the Friday night event, if that can fit into your plans.


I was delighted to receive this testimonial from a new chapter regent on the difference that this workshop has made for her chapter:

“My Assistant Registrar and I attended one of these workshops and it was fabulous! We learned so much, have built our membership team, which is recommended, to a team of 5.  Three of us on the team have taken and completed course 1 of the Genealogy Classes offered by DAR, two of us going on to course two already! This is worth every moment we spent getting to and from and time in the class. There is so much information and so much we learned – if there is another in the middle of the state again next year, our entire team will go!  I wish there was a way to let all Regents and Registrars know what a difference it is making in our chapter and how we are now able to streamline the process, helping prospective members get through the process successfully and more quickly!  I’m so pleased I attended, and my Assistant Registrar attended, as she will be moving up to Registrar next year. Fabulous, fabulous learning experience – and even new people like us, were able to come home and get started.  We are also taking advantage of the help offered by the State Genies.  Corky Peterson and her team have been assigned to us and they are gems!  What a great way to jump start membership! Thanks so much for your time, and the time of all Board Officers who made this a great success for us!”



Membership Q’s and A’s

Q. I am told that the State Registrar provides certificates for supplemental ancestors when they are approved by the National Board of Management. What do I need to do get these for our members?

A. This is something that the California State Registrar did in past years.  National has now started making this certificate available for a fee of $10.00 when a supplemental is approved. California has discontinued providing this service, rather than using our resources to duplicate something that is already available to members.

Beverly Moncrieff
California State Registrar

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