Dear Chapter Regents:

The State Parliamentarian has received a majority of 114 sets of chapter bylaws. It is her duty to review all chapter bylaws and to ensure that they conform to NSDAR rules and standards. After review, most of the bylaws received do not conform to the required NSDAR Model Bylaws.

The State Society has placed the NSDAR Model Bylaws on the CSSDAR Members’ website. They can be found under the “Chapter” pull down menu, and also on the “Documents and Forms” link.

This required model is formatted in Word so the chapter may enter its particular bylaws into the model. You will not need to re-type your bylaws, but just add your special chapter items to the NSDAR model.  You do not have to leave the required NSDAR language in “bold” type in the final copy of your conformed bylaws.

Please be advised that you must follow the NSDAR Model Bylaws; the sections in the chapter bylaws must be numbered and named exactly like the model. The model is in 8.5 x 11 format.  Chapters are required to submit their conformed bylaws in this format to the State Parliamentarian.

The model provided has instructions at the top of the page. Please carefully read these NSDAR requirements. When you finalize your conformed bylaws, please remove that paragraph from your document.

All chapters should have their bylaws committee or chapter parliamentarian review chapter bylaws and conform them to the NSDAR model.

The due date for the State Parliamentarian to receive your conformed bylaws is JANUARY 15, 2014.  Please email your bylaws by this deadline. You do not have to re-vote your bylaws when conforming to the model because this is required by NSDAR.

Don’t forget to remove bylaws sections that pertain to district dues and fees. This also does not require a vote because district financial changes were required by the State Society.

Finally, make sure you always include the date your bylaws were revised on the document.

Contact the State Parliamentarian if you have questions.

Mary Brown
State Parliamentarian

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