New 2013 American History and Christopher Columbus Essay Contest Topics

The topics for the 2013 American History and Christopher Columbus Essay Contests have been released by the National Society. Please note that the deadline dates have been changed:

**Essays are due to the chapter from the schools by November 1, 2013 **Due to the district from the chapter by December 1, 2013
**Due from the district to the state chairman by January 1, 2014

Please pass this information to your chapter chairmen so the topics and deadlines can be given to the schools that participate. It is an enormous help for your chairmen to receive this information early. The forms and posters have not yet been updated on the DAR Members’ website. The best thing to do is to check that site frequently to watch for updates.


Title: “How Do Americans View Christopher Columbus and George Washington Today?”

Topic: Both of these men are considered heroes from whose lives Americans can draw beneficial lessons.

Discuss the similarities and differences between the ways in which Christopher Columbus and George Washington dealt with and overcame the challenges and adversities they faced. What can Americans apply to their own lives from the experiences of these men?


Title: “The Lives of Children During the American Revolution”

Topic: Pretend you are a boy or a girl during the colonial fight for freedom. Using historical facts, discuss how the war is affecting your life.

The war dramatically changed the lives of children during the Revolution. Some actually followed their fathers into battle; others stayed home and assumed new responsibilities that were necessary for their families’ survival. Imagine yourself in the place of such a child taking on important and often adult responsibilities. Describe some of the changes that are taking place in your life and that of your family as you face this new situation. You may portray either a historical child or a fictional child living in the era of the American Revolution.

Thanks again for all you do to promote the study and preservation of our American History!

Barbara Volker and Debbie Amaro
Chairman and Vice Chairman, American History or


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