La Puerta de Oro – San Francisco Juniors Shine with Chapter Support

The La Puerta de Oro – San Francisco chapter was honored at State Conference to receive recognition for our efforts to have a very active and committed Junior group. We find there are six key ingredients to involve these young women and we would like to share them here:

  1. Early communication:  (a) Information about our Juniors group is immediately emailed to prospective Junior members by the registrar. (b) The chapter website has a  separate Juniors section describing their activities.  (c) The Juniors have their own Facebook page, maintained by our Junior Membership Chair. Members of the group post information there, including information about paging opportunities and State Junior Committee activities.
  2. Leadership and coaching: Juniors are incorporated into the leadership of the chapter, assigned as committee chairs, and elected to officer positions.
  3. Visibility and recognition: (a) Juniors’ activities are featured in our chapter      newsletters and given recognition in meetings. (b) During meetings, Junior      members are given opportunities to take the leadership reins during opening ceremonies and special Junior-led programs. (c) Juniors volunteer and represent “the face” of our chapter with other organizations such as the Sons of the American Revolution.
  4. Autonomy and empowerment:  While the Juniors work closely with officers and committee chairs, they are encouraged to be creative with project ideas. Recently they had great success with a “Mad Men” themed cocktail party fund raiser.
  5. Frequent social events: Our Juniors have formed a strong community through social gatherings, meeting at least once monthly for events that have included brunches before meetings, happy hours, a wine tasting afternoon in Sonoma, a Day at the Races, and a trivia night.
  6. Their own service projects:  The Juniors have formed a partnership with the VA Hospital in San Francisco, organizing service projects for the veterans, including giving blank stamped Valentines and gift bags, Easter treats, baking and donating cookies for cookie trays, and supporting initiatives such as a coat drive, led by our chapter’s VAVS representative.

Submitted by: Cathy McCausland

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