Use of DAR Information Prohibited on Outside Websites

Please be advised that DAR member information, including National Number, patriot index numbers, and the DAR Insignia, are not to be listed on “outside” web sites or publications outside of DAR. By “outside” we mean web sites and publications that are not official Chapter, State, or National DAR web sites.

NSDAR has brought a situation to the attention of our State Society regarding the popular “Find-A-Grave” web site where a chapter has a project to honor deceased chapter members. The Organizing Secretary General has advised that the listings on the site are not an appropriate use of DAR information.

When listing information about deceased DAR members on “outside” genealogy sites, please remember:

1. Do not list the individual’s National membership number.

2. Do not use the DAR Insignia. It is not permitted by NSDAR. Please see the National Handbook for further information.

3. Please do not list anything that makes it appear as though DAR is sponsoring a site or publication, partnering or affiliating with a site/publication.

4. Do not list the index number for the deceased member’s patriots.

5. Do not list the year the individual became a member. You may say, for example, that she was a member for twenty-five years.

6. Never list any information that indicates how someone died. If you are placing a published obituary on the site, that is something that has already been made public; but don’t put anything on the site that has private medical information. Even though the member is deceased, she still has living relatives who may not want this known.

7. Never publish anything about the living relatives of a deceased member. This is a violation of their privacy. Remember, death certificates have information about living next-of-kin, so don’t publish those documents online for a deceased chapter member.

8. When placing a photo of the deceased member on Find-A-Grave or similar sites, make sure you have written permission from the decedent’s family before you do so. In fact, you should make sure that you get written permission from the family to put anything about a deceased member on a non-DAR web site or publication. That signed permission should be kept with your chapter records. A sample form is available on the CSSDAR Members’ website.

If you are not sure about whether it is proper to list something on a site, please contact the state regent.

Thank you.

Debbie Jamison
State Regent

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