The DAR School Committee – Christmas In March

The DAR School chairmen are delighted to find out that many of you sent Christmas and Valentine cards to  our boys in California Pouch Cottage at Tamassee. Thanks for remembering them.  Oh, yes, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are coming up soon!

Just a reminder of those schools currently accepting labels and box tops: Tamassee, KDS, Crossnore, Hillside, and Hindman accept both programs and are delighted to get them. Berry College does not accept either, but does pass them on to their local elementary and middle school.

Please remember, the Indian Schools do not fall under the DAR School Committee. They are under the American Indian Committee. That is just a heads up for next year’s MQ.

Please come and visit us at the DAR School tables at state conference. We will have both the Pouch Cottage Umbrella pin and the NSDAR Balloon pin for you, each requires a $25.00 donation.  They both make very nice gifts!

Look for us at state conference in the exhibit room. Just come to the Christmas Tree, do a little shopping for goodies, and pick up your candy cane! Merry Christmas!

Mary Ellen Mohler
State Chairman, DAR School Committee


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