Fabulous Flag Program

Debbie Jamison and Karen Reese presented their classic Flag Code program to the Santa Margarita Chapter in June. Karen, as the angel extolling the virtue and rules from the code, was challenged by Debbie the devil, on all counts. What a fun way to learn about the Flag Code.  This program might be the last time it is given for a couple of years as Debbie mentioned that she may have to be more “dignified” after July 1. Daughters were cautioned by the angelic Karen Reese to remember that the flag is not to touch the ground, be placed in anything as a decoration, cut up and used as clothing, put on napkins, cakes, or anything else that is disposable. It is not to be trimmed and hemmed when the fly is tattered and the stars are not to be cut out as souvenirs. Dispose of worn out flags in a respectable manner.

Submitted by: Wanda Prosser

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