Mission Membership – February 2013

Coming soon on February 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at Pleasant Grove High School Community Room, 9531 Bond Road, Elk Grove, California 95624, is our third State Registrar’s Workshop, providing an opportunity for chapter registrars, chapter membership teams, regents and interested members to learn about forming membership teams, how to get help from the Lineage Research Committee, Volunteer Genealogist Committee, and State Registrar; and how the State Membership Chairman processes member referrals.  Come and learn, exchange ideas with your fellow membership teams and registrars, and have a great time. Confirm with State Registrar Bev Moncrieff that you are attending at moncrieff@gv.net, or 530-274-9710. Please include your name, chapter and position. Just bring a “brown bag lunch” and we’ll provide water and cookies; there’s no charge for the day.

The National Webinar “DAR Genie Workshop 101” is now downloadable from the DAR Members’ website under website archives at http://members.dar.org/committees/training/archives.htm#Genealogy. You can review this webinar on your own schedule, in your PJ’s, and learn more about our volunteer genies and DAR Research! Coming at the end of February is “Conflict Resolution.” Please take advantage of these wonderful training sessions.

Membership Q & A’s:

Question: A very knowledgeable genealogist in our chapter is helping prospective members with their genealogy research for their DAR applications and would like to charge them for her services. Is this permissible?

Answer: No. DAR is a volunteer organization and we work together to grow our membership on a voluntary basis. She may recover her expenses, such as postage, documents, etc., by providing the member with a receipt. The National Society prohibits charging a prospective member for research.

Question:   A prospective for our chapter died unexpectedly before her application had been approved by National. Can the approval proceed, so that her daughters, granddaughters, etc. may join by linking to her application?

Answer: No, DAR does not approve applications posthumously. Your registrar or regent should notify the Registrar General’s Office immediately to stop the process and they will return the application to the chapter. You might want to retain the application in the chapter in case family members are interested in joining.  

Bev Moncrieff
California State Registrar

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