Protocol Pointer – February 2013

With plans for state conference well underway, you might be receiving emails confirming your attendance, or your participation in various activities. Please keep these points in mind regarding email etiquette:

  • If a DAR member has emailed you, it is courteous to reply soon after your receipt of the communication. The person sending the email will want to know you have received it. A quick note of “thank you” or “request received” is considerate. If you are a person in a leadership position, checking your email frequently is important, and passing along the information to those who require it is vital.
  • Please respond promptly to all invitations which ask for an R.S.V.P. It is very difficult for a hostess to set up when she does not know how many are coming. This is being courteous to the hostess. Also, the presiding officer needs to know in advance of any dignitaries attending your function, so she may properly seat and introduce them.
  • If you are creating an email regarding DAR business, it is helpful to include “DAR” in the subject line so that your recipients will recognize it as a message from a DAR member.
  • If your chapter invites the state regent or a guest speaker to your meeting or function, it is customary to send a written thank you note soon after they have attended – not just an email. If you are an invited guest to a chapter or district function, it is also considerate to write a thank you note.

As always, please email this committee chairman with any questions regarding protocol!

Sharon Maas
State Protocol Chairman


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