State Chairman MQ Pin Codes are Here

Dear State Chairmen:

In order for you to complete your state conference reports and to prepare awards for state conference, you will need a Committee Chairman pin code to get the MQ reports from all chapters in California.

Please contact MQ Chairman, Cheryl Fondse, to receive this pin code.

Remember, not all state chairmen have sections on the Master Questionnaire.

AFTER February 1, 2013: –Go to the National Member’s website –Under “Frequently Visited” select –“Electronic Master Questionnaire (eMQ) –In the “State Chairman Login” purple box –Enter information and your Committee Chairman pin code –Download your Committee Reports

If you have any further questions, or to receive your pin code, email me at or call me at (209) 480-7563.

Cheryl Fondse
State Chairman, Chapter Achievement & Master Questionnaire

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