Staying Healthy Is A Lifelong Commitment

Debbie Lieber and Wanda Prosser

Members of the Santa Margarita Chapter vowed to change some of their lifestyle after listening to Debbie Lieber talk about the values of nutrition and sleep as it relates to our overall health. Ms. Leiber has quite a history in biology and physiology and shared some of her personal health tips on food, toiletries, and tips for getting a good night’s sleep. She provided each member with a “Cancer Prevention Seminar” handout and emphasized that the best cancer fighting weapon in the universe is the human immune system. We reinforce our systems ability to protect us with everything that we eat and breathe, so let’s do our best to help it do its job. Debbie was quite impressed, and excited, when she was presented with a certificate of appreciation from Regent Wanda Prosser.

Submitted by: Wanda Prosser

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