California Pouch Cottage – January 2013 Update

As the new year gets underway, how about bringing some smiles and laughter into the lives of our boys at California Pouch Cottage? If we start now, we can accomplish this by Valentine’s Day!

Last month’s article reported that if each chapter would send each boy at the cottage a valentine, each one would receive over 100 cards! We can all remember the excitement of getting mail. Even now it is fun receiving cards and notes in the mail (bills excluded!). But what a thrill for a bunch of kids that live away from home. This is a project that can be handled by one person in the chapter. The cards can be store bought or handmade. Please help make Valentine’s Day a very special day for our boys!

The most current list of residents is as follows:

Cody 10 8/19
Derrick 11 5/30
Cameron 11 10/4
Wayne 8 4/14
Nicholas 8 3/13
Casey 10 12/26
Danny C 9 10/25
Christopher 8 3/18
Eric 10 8/5
John 10 8/30

Mail to: Tamassee DAR School
California Pouch Cottage
Boy’s Name
P.O. Box 8
Tamassee, SC 29686

This is a note from Tamassee to all the collectors of Boxtops for Education:  “Tamassee DAR School Children’s Fund just received a redemption check for $6,253.50 for all of your efforts! Please keep going!”

The other DAR approved schools also received funds. Keep up the good work!

Mary Ellen Mohler
State Chairman DAR School Committee

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