What is insignia?  It is a pin that represents our Society in the form of a spinning wheel and distaff, with thirteen spokes and a dark blue rim bearing the name, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The insignia hangs from a blue and white ribbon upon which other DAR pins are placed. A ribbon that does not have the official insignia attached should not be worn.

Insignia symbolism is explained in the booklet, “Insignia – Seal – Banner,” available for download on the Insignia Committee webpage. More information can also be found in the DAR Handbook and Bylaws.

  • The DAR insignia is worn on the left breast at DAR functions or when officially representing the organization. The standard size ribbon with insignia is pinned on the seam of the left shoulder.
  • A miniature insignia is available that is attached to a miniature ribbon and worn in the same manner as the official insignia and pins. This is worn on the left breast and pinned lower due to its smaller size.
  • Also available is a miniature insignia to be worn on a branch bar, with or without miniature insignia of other organizations, and may be worn upon any occasion. A DAR recognition pin, may be worn alone and also worn on any occasion.
  • The insignia is the property of the National Society and there is etiquette and protocol for using the insignia on paper, on headstones, and other markers. The DAR insignia should always be treated with dignity.

As part of the basic insignia, a member also wears a chapter bar and ancestor bar.

Pins that are worn with the insignia fall into three categories:  service pins, commemorative pins, and donation pins, and they are worn in a particular order. This information may be found on the National Insignia Committee webpage. All pins worn on the official ribbon are purchased from Hamilton Jewelers, the official jeweler for NSDAR.

Pins are not meant for the general public and as members it is our responsibility to ensure pins are disposed of properly when a member is deceased or resigns. Here is the link to a sample letter for proper disposal of DAR pins on the NSDAR Insignia Committee web site: 

The state chairman welcomes any questions concerning insignia and would be happy to speak at chapter meetings as her schedule allows.

Karen Theofanides
State Chairman Insignia Committee

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