DAR Chapter Property Agreement Form

DAR Chapter Property Agreement Form

It is important for all chapter officers to complete the “DAR Chapter Property Agreement” form and keep it on file with either the chapter historian or chapter treasurer.

During the transition period from one officer to another, documents, files and other chapter property such as the gavel, microphone, or American Flag and DAR Banner will be given to the incoming officer.  In the event an officer becomes incapacitated or passes away, the form may be accessed and given to family members to retrieve specific documents or items belonging to the chapter.  It is important for all chapters to recover chapter property as quickly as possible so chapter business in not interrupted.

Please access the form located on the member’s website at:  members.californiadar.org under Chapter Officers, Regent’s Toolbox.

If you have questions, please contact the state organizing secretary.

Cindy Allen
State Organizing Secretary


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