Important dates for Chapter Chaplains

Friday, February 1st is the very last day that the state chaplain can accept information and obituaries about deceased members for inclusion in the Memory Book that will be presented at state conference.

February 1st is also the last day that honorarium and memorial donations can be listed in this year’s book. After February 1st, these items will be held over for the 2014 book.

Rituals and Missals Online:  The President General reported in her blog that Ritual and Missal books are now available online.  Booklets as old as 1903 are in the archives for you to read … at no cost! You can incorporate into your prayers and ceremonies words out of the past, used by members long ago.

Reporting Deceased Members: The chapter registrar or another authorized officer must report member deaths to the Office of the Organizing Secretary General. This can be done via the e-Membership website. Questions can be directed to or by calling (202)879-3224. 

Fifty Year Members: Please send the names to state chaplain by February 1st! And continue to send birthday requests. Remember, the member must have continuous membership with no break for fifty or more years in order to be considered a fifty year member.

Be thoughtful of your distant members and those unable to attend meetings. Friendship is wonderful medicine!

May the Holiday Season be one of joy for you and your loved ones.

Sandra Orozco
State Chaplain

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