Luiseño Chapter Mark Historic Site in Lake Elsinore

On November 17, the Luiseño Chapter placed a historic marker on an 1880 tank house in the City of Lake Elsinore. This was the second marker placed by the chapter in this area.

Historic Preservation Chairman, Joyce Hohenadl, who is also a member of the Lake Elsinore Historical Society, headed up this project from the very beginning to the completion of the marking. She helped find volunteers that deconstructed the tank house, board by board, and moved it to a new, more appropriate location. There were several work days when chapter members aided the work crew in the reconstruction of the structure. 

Joyce worked with the Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce to begin the approval process and obtain historic marker plaques from NSDAR Historian General, the Lake Elsinore Historical Society, and the County of Riverside.

What is so important about the tank house; why is it historic? The original structure was a single story building built in 1880 to house the equipment that pumped water from the nearby mineral hot springs to the local health spas. Lake Elsinore was known for its spas and mineral hot springs and this little structure played an important part of that history.

Local muralist, Robin Golden, painted a mural depicting visitors enjoying the mineral spring water in the Leemon Motel Resort’s swimming pool. The mural is affixed to the side of the tank house for all to view.

Attending the ceremony were city officials, DAR district and state officers, members of the Lamb’s Fellowship Church (the primary work crew), members of the Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce officials, and county officials.

Submitted by: Bonnie Hayosh, Regent

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