Dues Deadline – December 1, 2012

At this point every chapter is in the final stretch of collecting and organizing National and State dues to submit before the deadline of December 1. Failure to meet the National dues deadline has serious consequences resulting in members being ineligible to be a voting delegate at 2013 State Conference and 2013 Continental Congress, regardless of whether the dues are subsequently paid. Additionally, the chapter will be unable to claim the 40 points for dues paid on time in Section 1 on the Chapter Achievement Award.  

Below are reminders as you are finalizing the paperwork:

NSDAR National Dues Invoice

● National dues are submitted with a completed NSDSAR National Dues Invoice. If you have misplaced your invoice another can be printed from e-Membership. The invoice includes all instructions to properly complete and mail. 
● Dues are to be submitted for all members listed on the National Dues Invoice with the following exceptions:
   ◦ A member has a life membership and so indicated on the invoice.
   ◦ The status of a member has changed (transfer, resigned, or deceased) and is no longer a member of the chapter but only if e-Membership reports no longer lists the member.  If e-Membership reports still include the member then the change has not been processed therefore, DO NOT send the dues until this is resolved.  Do not assume the change will be processed.  Ensure it is processed before submitting.  If it is not resolved before the due date then it is highly recommended to pay the dues for all including the unresolved member to avoid the consequences that jeopardizes the chapter and members standing. 

State General Remittance Form

● Complete a State General Remittance Form located on the CSSDAR Members’ website (link below) indicating the dues, required and optional fees and contributions. 
● The count for members is the same as submitted for National plus life members. 
● Be sure to check the NSDAR National Dues Invoice to determine the life members who are credited $10 towards their state dues.  The life member is responsible for the remaining $5 state dues and, as outlined in chapter bylaws and/or standing rules, chapter dues.      
● The Chapter DAR Magazine Advertisement Fee is required for each chapter.
● The Chapter State Conference Fee is required for each chapter. 
● There are FOUR required National Contributions for Chapter Achievement Award.  Be sure to submit the minimum amounts in each category.
● The final President General’s Project payment is due to achieve and receive a 100% Participation Certificate.  Run the PG Project 100% Status Report in e-Membership or contact this officer to find your chapter’s remaining balance. 

Remember – Deadline is POSTMARKED on or before December 1.

Thank you for your dedication in completing the daunting annual task of collecting and submitting dues.  Be sure to contact this officer if you need assistance.           

Gayle Mooney
State Treasurer

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