This committee was made a standing committee in October 1930. Resolutions become the policy of the National Society when Continental Congress takes favorable action. It is important that they adhere to the historical, educational, and patriotic objectives of the Society, thus to “enlighten public opinion” and preserve our republican form of government under the Constitution of the United States.

• A resolution is a statement of policy or position on an issue.
• Each resolution should have a clear and concise title.
• Each resolution should address only one issue.

The goal of the resolution is to inform and educate the reader in order to inspire them to take action approving the resolution. To do this, a successful resolution must do two things: (1) identify and explain the problem that needs to be addressed (the WHEREAS portion); and, (2) propose a solution that will address the problem as identified (the RESOLVED portion).

This committee will review all submitted resolutions for voting at State Conference. After approval at the State level, resolutions are submitted to the NSDAR Resolutions Committee. If Continental Congress adopts a resolution, it becomes the official policy of the National Society.

Your submission to this committee must appear in this format:

Title (upper and lower case, bold type)

Whereas, … and

Whereas, … and

Whereas, …, therefore be it



Chapter Name:

Chapter Regent:


Each resolution may have at most three “whereas” and one or two “resolved” that relate to a “whereas,” plus a bibliography listing factual references used to back up each statement.

The timeline for the Resolutions Committee is as follows:

 Chapters or individuals must submit each resolution to this committee before December 1 in electronic format.

 By January 1, Resolutions Committee members will finalize and approve by a 2/3 vote each resolution submitted.

 For State Conference, resolutions are discussed in a business meeting, and voted on by the conference delegates.

Resolutions approved will be sent to the NSDAR Resolutions Committee sixty days prior to Continental Congress.

Each chapter and/or member submitting a resolution or idea will receive a certificate. If the resolution or idea is used, then the submitter will receive a State Conference award. Please contact the chairman if you have questions.

Deva Richards,

Katherine Borges,

Sue Busenius,

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