The October 2012 National Board of Management voted to reaffirm Standing Rules A.2 and A.3 of the Bylaws of the National Society with the following statement:

Since 1896, the NSDAR has used the term ‘circularization’ to mean “cause to become widely known,” as in spreading information or circulating a rumor that disturbs the harmony or injures the good name of the National Society.

No member of the National Society is authorized to circulate, in print or electronically, communications about the National Society or state organization or the organization of chapters without the prior approval of the National Board of Management. All business conducted by the National Society is controlled by the general will of the membership as expressed through the elected governing bodies of the National Society. Proposed changes in policy, procedures and publications are to be initiated as defined in the Bylaws of the National Society. This policy is necessary in order to preserve uniformity and to prevent conflict of authority (5th Continental Congress, February 1896). [Please refer to NSDAR Bylaws Standing Rule A.2.]

 Chapters or individuals desiring the endorsement of any DAR project, or wishing to solicit funds outside of their own state for any DAR work, may do so only by authorization of the National Board of Management (National Board, February 1912 and NSDAR Bylaws Standing Rule A.3).

Any state organization, chapter, or individual receiving a circular or solicitation for funds or projects outside her membership state should report any such instances to her state regent or a member of the Executive Committee.

Please be advised that circularization within the California State Society is prohibited. This means that it is also prohibited within chapters and districts. State, district, and chapter business should not be emailed across state lines.  If you are not sure whether your are correctly following this policy, please contact the state regent.

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