Spanning the Distance to District III

Redwood Forest members, Joan Tempas, Catherine Mace and Doris London. Back row, Judy Aronoff, Melissa Brisso, Debbie Coles, Ann Mace, Lou Gooch and Jody Clayburn.

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, eight Redwood Forest Chapter members, plus regent Melissa Brisso, tackled the 160-mile round-trip drive to Crescent City for their District III meeting. This impressive number of attendees was the largest chapter count for the gathering, but kudos goes to Christina Ramos, Judith Branch, and Eunice Brabec, who tackled the farthest distance from South San Francisco at an amazing 750-mile round trip! Arriving in good company with Del Norte Chapter as host, DAR members were treated to informative presentations, chapter input, and a catered lunch. Highlights include an impressive 1940s memorabilia display accompanied a nostalgic video created by Wendy Malone and her daughter Rachel. The film depicted music and images from the World War II era, and there was not a dry eye in the house!

Submitted by: Judy Arnoff

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