State Corresponding Secretary – Information about the new State Yearbook & Directory

Dear Daughters,

This officer is providing an explanation to all who feel they have received a substandard copy of the “State Yearbook and Directory.” Unfortunately, we had a major issue with the company that printed the document.

Many months were spent preparing this document for publication.  This officer made two trips to Modesto, negotiating in good faith with the printer in question.  A thumb drive containing the State Yearbook and Directory, and a hard copy of that document, were submitted in person by this officer to the printer on August 31st.  A proof was requested.  This officer drove to Modesto and examined the proof on Wednesday, September 5th.  Slight changes were made, but the print quality was quite good.  This officer received a guarantee that 427 copies of the same quality would be ready for her to pick up on Monday, September 10th

When this officer arrived that afternoon, she was dismayed to find that the print job was not done.  Upon examining a copy of the run as it was proceeding, this officer also found that the man in charge of the print job was using the older, uncorrected files.  The run had to be stopped and started over with the corrected files.  This officer did not leave the printing plant until she was assured that the job would be completed and delivered to her home in Walnut Creek the next day.  Tuesday, September 11th – two days before this officer was due in Rancho Cordova for Northern Council – 10 bankers’ boxes of the State Yearbook and Directory were delivered.

The State Yearbook and Directory was proofread several times by six different individuals.  However, those of you who have prepared this type of large publication know there are bound to be mistakes and omissions.  Please send any errors you find to this officer.  Corrections will be made immediately to the online version.  

The online version will be available on the new CSSDAR Members’ website after Southern Council, and can be downloaded and saved to your computer desktop.  The  online version is in sections with a listing of what is in each section so you may easily find what you are looking for. The contact directory is separate, and updates to it will be noted by highlighting a member’s name.

If you have questions, please send them to this officer. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Sally Holcombe
State Corresponding Secretary

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