Protocol Pointer – October 2012

During the year, as you conduct your meetings or host an event, here are some things to remember regarding protocol:

“When guests are invited to speak, there are certain courtesies which should be extended.  The invitation should include the date; the time he/she is expected to arrive; type of meeting (luncheon, dinner, tea, etc.); type of dress (formal or informal); the topic; length of time allowed for the speech and if he/she will be expected to answer questions; payment of honorarium, if any; and where he/she will stay if a guest of the organization. It is helpful to furnish the speaker facts about the organization, its history, policies and beliefs which would be of help in preparing the speech. If the invitation has been made by telephone, follow with information in writing and request biographical material for preparing the introduction and a photograph for publicity. 

Send a brief reminder two or three weeks ahead of the scheduled date. Repeat the essential information and include any special arrangements (transportation, lodging, etc.) that have been made.  Include address and phone numbers for the meeting place and where you may be reached prior to the meeting.

Two or three days before the scheduled speaker is to arrive, he/she should be contacted to confirm arrangements.

Upon arrival, the guest should be met by a designated person who will introduce the guest to others and escort the speaker to the assigned seat. A guest speaker sits at the front of the room or on the platform for a business meeting and at the head table for a luncheon or banquet.”

This excerpt was taken from the newly revised “Official Procedure and Protocol” document that can be found on the NSDAR “members only” website.  Here is a link to the National Protocol web page where you will find the entire document for your reference:

Please remember, an honorarium for a DAR member who presents a program should be made to a DAR Project and not paid directly to the member.

This chairman is always happy to answer any questions!

Sharon Maas
State Chairman
Protocol Committee

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