WESTWARD HO!  How did your ancestors come to California? By Conestoga wagon? The Isthmus of Panama? All the way around the Cape?  

The State Society will be hosting an American Heritage Tea on Saturday, October 20,  from 1:00-4:00 pm, at the Radisson Hotel, 2233 Ventura Street, Fresno, CA 93721.  All California Daughters are invited to hear State Chaplain Sandra Orozco present Words of Wisdom, Words of Women, as taken from true diaries of women crossing the plains.  We will learn about those families who came across the continent in covered wagon trains, and the adventures, pain and hardships they faced.

The words of these women will come alive, as read from their personal diaries by members of your California State Board of Directors. Come experience the strength and faith of our pioneer women.  Hear the thoughts of our ancestors as they set off to unknown lands, many times without family or friends. How did they have the courage to leave everything behind? There is much to learn from their trying experiences.  We hope this program encourages members to compile and publish the diaries of their female ancestors and to share those words with others.

The cost of the tea is $20.00 per person.  We will enjoy a wonderful one-hour presentation, and then indulge in tea, decadent desserts, and conversation.  An additional treat is an archeological display presented by Lisa DeHart, Heritage Resource Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest Summit Ranger District and member of Turlock Chapter.  She will be showing artifacts from the Clark – Skidmore Wagon Train of 1852. 

So gather your chapter members, take a ride to Fresno, and come enjoy an interesting program, delicious dessert, and catch up with DAR friends.  The reservation form can be found at:

Arleen Richards

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