Bylaws Committee

Call for proposed State Bylaws amendments due November 1, 2012

Background and function of State Bylaws

When the California State Society incorporated in 1946 the State Bylaws became the official rules governing the society. The State Bylaws have been amended over the years to assure compliance with the bylaws of NSDAR, to align the bylaws with Robert’s Rules, Newly Revised, Current Edition and to reflect updated policies and practices of CSSDAR.

Every member of the California State Society should be familiar with the State Bylaws. They are easy to find since the current version is posted on the CSSDAR Members’ website under Forms and Documents. They are easy to navigate since each article in the Table of Contents is linked to the page where the article appears.  You can also perform a search of the bylaws to locate a specific term. 

For example, familiarity with Article VII – Meetings is important to assure chapter representation at State Conference. Delegates must be elected and conference fees paid in accordance with State Bylaws. Chapter and district parliamentarians should have a copy of State Bylaws as well as Chapter Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, Current Edition, whenever serving in her official capacity.

Recommendations for amendments to State Bylaws due November 1, 2012

The State Bylaws Committee is a Standing Committee (Article XII – Committees) that is responsible for researching and preparing proposed amendments for submission to the Board of Directors. Recommendations for amendments can be proposed by Board of Directors or by a chapter with the endorsement of at least two other chapters… (Article XV – Amendments.) Chapters and CSSDAR members may send suggested amendments to Chairman Leonora Branca by November 1, 2012. The committee will research the suggested amendment and send its recommendation to the Board of Directors for its review. If the Board of Directors vote to recommend adoption, the proposed amendments will be published at least 30 days before the opening day of State Conference. Delegates at State Conference will vote on proposed amendments at a regular business session according to the official program approved on the first day of State Conference.

CSSDAR Bylaws Committee

Leonora Branca, Chairman

Nancy Kilbourn, Member

Ailsie McEnteggart, Member

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