Parliamentary Strategy – Sept 2012


Duties of officers are designated in the chapter bylaws; chapters should follow the “Model for Chapter Bylaws” in the DAR Handbook and National Bylaws. The NSDAR’s adopted parliamentary authority, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR), suggests that what needs to be said about the duties can be included in the section designating the officers, to the effect that “These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and the parliamentary authority.” There will be occasional references in other articles to which specific duties relate. Confusion and duplication can be avoided if each officer has a list of definite things expected of her. The following sample job descriptions are in accord with NSDAR policies, requirements of state organizations, and RONR. They can be adapted to meet chapter needs. Chapter bylaws should be followed and must be consistent with those of the National and State Societies.

General Duties of Every Officer

• Attend all meetings of the executive board, the chapter, and as many district and state functions as possible.

• Keep a notebook handy, which contains the following:

  • Specific list of duties
  • Pertinent pages from the National Information Packet (NIP)
  • DAR Handbook and National Bylaws
  • State Bylaws and State Yearbook & Directory
  • Chapter bylaws and yearbook (Attach copy of amendments adopted since last printing and/or indicate such amendments in copy of bylaws)
  • Calendar of activities and deadlines
  • Name and contact information of State officers
  • Current instructions, report blanks, and material from National and State information packets
  • Copies of all correspondence and reports
  • Record of activities during the year for easy compilation of annual reports
  • List of useful materials and supplies, with source and cost, (i.e.: DAR Publications and Supplies Price List, list of free material available)

• Make reports to chapter membership, chapter regent and State counterpart, as required.

NOTE: All members have access to the National and State Members’ websites, where you will find up-to-date information concerning all aspects of the work of the Society. Check the sites often!

Mary Lynn Dalrymple Brown
State Parliamentarian

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