Protocol Pointer

As we prepare to attend the Fall Council Meetings, here is another excerpt from the DAR National Handbook, Chapter XIII – Protocol:

“The State Regent is the highest-ranking officer in her state, and recognition as such should be accorded her.

It is customary for members to rise as a sign of respect for the office when the President General or the State Regent are presented and also at the entrance of the processional. If the president of the United States or the governor of the state is present, the audience should rise when he/she is introduced or when communications from the president or the governor are read.

Members should also rise during the reading of an official greeting from the President General to a state conference, but it is not customary to stand when the President General’s message from the Daughters newsletter is read at a chapter meeting.”

Courtesies to the state regent at district or chapter meetings:

The state regent is always introduced first and seated to the right of the chapter regent or presiding officer at chapter or district events.

Stand and applaud:

-when she enters the room and has reached her place or at the head table.

-when she is introduced and brings greetings

-after she has given her program or report.

Please remember to silence your cell phones before all meetings and avoid texting at any DAR meeting or event!

Thank you!

Sharon Maas
State Chairman
Protocol Committee

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