DAR Service for Veterans

Is there an amazingly dedicated veteran in your community who works tirelessly for the betterment of our country’s veterans? My chapter encountered a veteran like that who actually asked the local librarian for this chairman’s contact information to thank me for placing a Constitution Week display at the library. As this chairman got to know him better, I was amazed at all he did. He ultimately became the National Winner of the DAR Service for Veterans Contest for his outstanding service to his fellow veterans. This chairman had the pleasure of accompanying him to Continental Congress to receive his award. What an amazing experience!

Look around your community, neighborhood, family, and ask friends in other veterans organizations if they know of a veteran who is volunteering for veterans. Please nominate a worthy veteran in your community for the DAR Service for Veterans Outstanding Veteran Volunteer Award. Who knows…your veteran might end up receiving recognition at the State or National level! There are potential nominees everywhere. Let’s find veterans to recognize for their service. Please remember to honor the privacy of our veterans and do not contact the local VA or State facilities for the names of veteran volunteers. The facilities are not allowed to give out personal information.

At every state conference, this chairman is so touched by the youth volunteers who commit time and energy to serve our veterans in a variety of capacities. Their love and dedication is inspiring and they are set on a worthy path of service. Please locate your community’s young people who are blazing a path of service, inspiring others, and growing immeasurably through their volunteerism. Honor the service of a young person by nominating them for the DAR Service for Veterans Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award.

Some of our very own DAR members provide love and service to our veterans. Do you know such a member? Nominate them for the Outstanding DAR Service for Veterans Award! Our VAVS members and members who volunteer in state facilities and community programs may be involved with collecting needed items, knitting or sewing for veterans, creating and participating in special programs for veterans, or providing other service and support. Nearly every chapter has someone dedicating themselves to these endeavors. Let’s recognize this member for her efforts!

The applications for the three contests of the DAR Service for Veterans Committee may be found on the National committee web page at http://www.members.dar.org/committees/vet/index.htm
Please carefully read and follow all directions
.  If you require assistance or have questions, please contact the state chairman.

It is important that we personally recognize those who lovingly volunteer for veterans. We should encourage them, thank them, and lift them up as a model for others to be inspired to follow. Let’s send an army of women out into our communities to find these special people and applaud them for their service to our dear veterans!

Pattee Russell-Curry
State Chairman
DAR Service for Veterans Committee

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