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State Regent’s Message: June 2020

My Dear California Daughters,

This message is long, but I am so proud of you, had to say it all. Hope you continue reading…

Just two very short years ago, your State Regent Beverly Moncrieff, State Regent-Elect Adele Lancaster and State Vice Regent-Elect Susan Broderick walked the aisle through Constitution Hall together to participate in one of the most time-honored traditions of our National Society: the Installation of the State Regent. Symbolically, one removing her sash and placing it on the other, transferred the honor with responsibility, to represent you, the members of the California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Then, that outgoing Regent was presented with a sash that symbolizes to all forever that she has served with distinction at the highest level of leadership in her State Society. The State Vice Regent-Elect was included in this ritual on purpose. She and the incoming State Regent, took their oath of office, promising loyalty to our Society and each pledged her willingness to serve the Daughters of California, “to the best of her ability, so help her God.”

That June 24, 2018, was the beginning of one of the most amazing and rewarding journeys of my life. And, I have you, California Daughters, to thank. I invited you to “come along” and you did… sharing your love, support, and enthusiasm. You took to heart that we each have God-given gifts to be used in the service of others and that we are called to encourage one another. You embraced our motto: California Daughters… Making a Difference through Our Service to God, Home, and Country. And, we identified three special projects, speaking to each:
God gave us our gifts and we used them to serve. Last year at Congress you heard this State Regent declare: Madam President General, California Daughters recorded one million volunteer hours during your (Dillon) Administration, speaking to their patriotism. These Daughters know they have God-given gifts and are using them, their skills and passions to make a difference in our Society and their communities through dedicated service to God, Home, and Country.

This year, as of this evening, you have logged 400,476 service hours for just over 11 months of the VanBuren Administration. You are well on your way to exceeding the 1,000,000 hours. I know you will continue to serve… you must, too, continue to record that service. Your chapter reports at State Conference told the stories. We saw your chapter’s commitment to making a difference. We saw how Daughters serve.

This State Regent’s report to Congress later this month will be naming many of the things you have done for Education, Historic Preservation, and Patriotism. Too, California will host an electronically presented Congressional Tea and California Daughters, making a difference, will be the focus of the program. Watch for an Announcement with details. But you can mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 23, at 11:30-12:00. (It should be listed as 2:30-3:00 EST/EDT in the Congress Schedule.)

For Home, you understood the need to “Just get it done!” and contributed to the Headquarters enrichment project. We finished and dedicated the Oak Lea in the first year and have been able to enjoy the fruits of our labor during the June dedication and the Victorian Christmas Tea this past December.

No one was more disappointed than I when it was necessary to cancel this year’s Backyard Barbecue. Our Oak Lea just begs for us to gather, to enjoy each other’s company, and use our State Headquarters for members’ enjoyment in addition to a place where the work of the Society is carefully planned.

The Lancaster Administration board will have a final meeting… some joining in person and others through GoToMeeting in Glendora next week. We are taking a few minutes for a delightful task that will take us to the Oak Lea. A cutting from the Endicott Pear Tree, planted in 1630 by John Endicott, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, still bearing fruit today, will be dedicated.

We thank Ann Tardaguila, a member of the El Redondo Chapter and descendant of John Endicott, for this very special gift. The two orange trees, which are already bearing fruit, represent the legacy of Mr. Hamlin, builder and first resident of our property. This pear tree represents the legacy of one of the earliest founders and builders of our country. What a wonderful place is our HQ!

And for Country, you were overcome with the needs of our most severely wounded in battle and we found a way to make a profound difference in the lives of several, using the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. Program as the conduit. We have been able to focus our contributions on the special modifications needed in the kitchens of these Smart Homes….the kitchens, where loved ones gather and meals and memories are made.

The first year of this Administration, much focus was placed on the Oak Lea. Yet, for the wounded warriors, we made it known that “We are raising money to be able to help provide….”

But, in December 2019, at our Victorian Christmas Tea, we changed our phrasing to “We are helping to provide…” when we presented a check in the amount of $25,000.00 to Elizabeth Field, Chief Operations Officer of the Foundation.

Then, during an Opening Night teleconference at State Conference, we increased our financial support, with a donation of another $40,000.00. And, sometime this month, the final check will be presented to the Gary Sinise Foundation… a check for $47,000.00 to bring our contribution for these worthy warriors and their families to a total of $112.000.00.

Your love, support, generosity, compassion are unparalleled and made this possible. Through this project, you have made an unbelievable difference!

These past few months following State Conference have been the most unusual in the life of our Society. We were born for service and “doing.” We are not accustomed to being confined, having to cancel events, curb our activities, avoid contact with each other. And, because we are not accustomed to this way of life, Daughters have found ways to continue doing what we have always done.

Many were called into action on the front lines and in essential work… adjusting to guidelines, finding new ways within challenging circumstances to simply do their jobs. Others got to work helping. Masks were needed… so California Daughters began sewing and continue to do so. My latest report, this evening, you had provided 27,685 masks and other PPE to front-lines, medical facilities, First Responders, VA facilities, elderly, friends, families, neighbors… to whomever, wherever they were needed.

You contacted each other, saw to the needs of others, shopped, ran errands, and, you have stayed connected with each other and, electronically, held meaningful chapter meetings for business and fun. I have been especially honored to be able to install many new chapter officers, to join your electronic meetings, to be “with you” during these most unusual times.

It has been amazing to read, see, and hear about the many ways Daughters have continued to make a difference within our Society and in your communities.

We will install the officers for our newest chapter in the Elk Grove area: Rios Cosumnes Chapter NSDAR; but their grand celebration will take place when organizations can resume social gatherings.

Too, the CSSDAR Marker Dedication at the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá will be rescheduled just as soon as the Mission leaders have confidence they can manage the guidelines for worship.

In the meantime, we will set our sights on Congress Online. The schedule should be released shortly. Delegates must watch for voting information… paying particular attention to the time set by National. Remember: All times listed in the schedule will be for the Eastern Time Zone. California must adjust accordingly.

Plan to “attend” the CA Congressional Tea. “Participate” in Opening Night! Look, too, for the reports of the State Regents and the nominations for Vice President General candidates. Susan Broderick, Sharon Maas and I will be paying particular attention to details for the installation.

And all the while, dear Daughters, continue these days doing what you do best: Making a Difference through your service to God, Home, and Country.

Closing with my profound thanks for your loving and amazing support during these past two years!

Much love and appreciation,

Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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Chapter Chatter: Fresno-Yosemite Chapter Hosts DAR Good Citizens Reception

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, the Fresno-Yosemite Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held their Annual DAR Good Citizen Reception. This award recognizes and rewards individuals who possess the
qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. These twenty-six students were selected by their school counselors because they demonstrate these qualities to an
outstanding degree and each received a scholarship of $50.

One student is then given a larger $300 scholarship as the winner of the overall Fresno – Yosemite Chapter Good Citizen for the year, the award recipient is Anna Armstrong, a senior at Selma High School in Selma.

Also honored at the reception was Gavin Osmondson, a sixth grade student at Jefferson Elementary School in Clovis, CA, for an outstanding American History essay.

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Chapter Chatter: Lake Tahoe Chapter Sews Wheelchair and Walker Bags for Veterans

The members of the Lake Tahoe Chapter are actively supporting veterans at local medical facilities by sewing handmade quilted wheelchair and walker bags. Members have worked together in groups and individually to cut material, assemble sewing kits and sew bags. To date, they have sewn and donated fifteen bags to the Sacramento VA Medical Center (located on the former Mather Air Force Base) in Rancho Cordova and ten bags to the veterans at the Barton Memorial Skilled Nursing Facility in South Lake Tahoe.

This is an ongoing Service to America project and with the current “shelter in place”, members are continuing to sew and have completed an additional twenty-four bags. The chapter hopes to donate these bags as soon as the “shelter in place” ban has been lifted, bringing their total wheelchair/walker bag donations to forty-nine!

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Announcement: Broderick Administration State Regent Pins & Earrings

We missed sharing May Councils with you all, celebrating the outgoing Lancaster Administration’s achievements and introducing the incoming Broderick Administration. I hope that you have had a chance to log onto the CSSDAR Members’ Website to watch the webinar launching the Broderick Administration and to read the introductions announcing the plans of the Officers Elect.

Broderick Administration Video

I am happy to announce that the Broderick Administration State Regent’s pins and earrings are now available for pre-order on the CSSDAR WebStore! Pins and earrings are due to arrive at the end of June and pre-orders will be filled as soon as they arrive!

Members can log in to the CSSDAR WebStore to view the pins and place their pre-orders.


Payment can be made with a credit card on the WebStore or by downloading the form (link below) and sending payment by check. Checks should be made out to “CSSDAR State Treasurer” and sent with the form to:

Order Form

CSSDAR Headquarters
P.O.Box 1436
Glendora, CA 91740-1436

Members have the choice of including $5.00 to have the pins shipped directly to them or picking them up for free at either Northern or Southern Council. Please check the appropriate box on the form provided.
Order Form

We are looking with great anticipation to the day we can all be together in person!

Susan Broderick
State Vice Regent, State Regent Elect

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Chapter Chatter: Cahuilla Chapter Honorary Regent Presented SAR Martha Washington Award

Cahuilla Chapter Honorary Regent, Joanne Hardy, was honored with the Martha Washington Award Medal at the Coachella Valley Chapter of the California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) meeting in February.

The Martha Washington Award is the highest honor that SAR can give to a DAR member. It is reserved for those that have given the SAR truly outstanding support.

The Coachella Valley Chapter, SAR, recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary. Bill Haines, President of the SAR chapter, spoke about the support and collaboration that have existed between the Cahuilla Chapter and the local SAR chapter since the SAR chapter’s launch in the Coachella Valley. The two chapters honor their long-standing collaboration by holding an annual joint luncheon. It was at the 2020, joint luncheon that Ms. Hardy was surprised with the presentation of the Martha Washington Award Medal by Mr. Haines. Members of both the Cahuilla Chapter and the SAR Coachella Valley Chapter were present to celebrate the recognition of Joanne Hardy for her extraordinary service.

Photo: Bill Haines, President, Coachella Valley Chapter, California Society Sons of the American Revolution, and Joanne Hardy, Cahuilla Chapter Honorary Regent, Recording Secretary (1998-2000), Corresponding Secretary (2000-2002), Regent (2010-2014) and Historian (2016-2020).

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Announcement: Barbecue Cancelled!

It was with a heavy heart and much disappointment on many levels that I read through the May 13, 2020 Revised Order from Muntu Davis, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer of County of Los Angeles, for the continuation of the Safer at Home Order to comply with State Executive Order N-33-20, issued by Governor Gavin Newsom. There were three very specific orders that made it imperative to:

Cancel the Backyard Barbecue scheduled for 
June 6, 2020 at our HQ in Glendora.
At this time there are no plans to reschedule.

In the Summary of the Order, Dr. Davis reiterates that all individuals living in the State of California are ordered to continue to stay home or at their place of residence. Second, in the complete text, #3, a) “Nothing in this Order prohibits members of a single household or living unit from engaging in permitted activities together. But gatherings of people who are not part of a single household or living unit are prohibited within the County of Los Angeles Public Health Jurisdiction, except for the limited purposes expressly permitted by this order.” Third, #7. Dr. Davis ordered “the continued closure of the following types of higher-risk businesses, recreational sites, commercial properties, and activities, where more frequent and prolonged person-to-person contacts are likely to occur:” very specifically stating item m) “All events and gatherings, unless specifically allowed by this Order.

Over 100 Daughters had already made their reservations indicating their hope that the situation would be such that, with very specific precautions and practice of behavioral guidelines in the controlled event, we would have been able to celebrate together. The Order was clear: we could not. The reservation checks will be shredded to save postage. Members who prefer to have their check returned to them, please make a request for such before June 1, 2020. Address the request to Linda Bartolf, Headquarters Secretary:

Do watch for information about how to join Continental Congress online and delegate voting. Check the schedule June 1st and, from the comfort of your own home, plan to attend the CA Congressional Tea Tuesday afternoon; participate in the evening events; and hear for yourselves this State Regent’s report when she shares just how all CA Daughters have Made a Difference!

Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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Announcement: Write Your Own Story

Did you watch the 2020 Rose Parade? Do you remember the theme of the parade? The 2020 Rose Parade theme was “Stories Change Our World.”

Do your children, and/or grandchildren know stories from your parents, your grandparents? Have you written any stories of your family, your youth, your experiences, and the who, what, when, where, why and how.

Family stories are not just for serious genealogists. They are for everyone. Every family, we all have stories: what happened to the family at various stages; what your father did for a living; what your mother did; what they did during WWII; what you did in grade school, high school; how you met your husband, etc. Our lives right now are a perfect example: write about your experiences during our current crisis with COVID-19. The ladies making masks could write about what they are doing, the group, the stress, and the fun.

If we do not commit the stories of our lives, our experiences, to paper they will not survive and will be lost to our descendants. With “Stay-at-Home” in effect it is the perfect time to write.

Our brains like stories! Yes, our brains like stories! Our brains remember stories more than hard facts. A very interesting blog by Laura Hedgecock describes and highlights research that proves our brains remember things that we receive in story form more than just getting a bunch of facts. Don’t think “book,” think “a story” or “stories.” Aside from getting some of your family history out in the light of day-thus preserving the information-stories are shorter and easier to write than a book. Below is a link to Laura’s blog post. At the end of her blog she has links to the research article and more information. Laura has a terrific phrase, “It turns out the way to the heart isn’t through the stomach. It’s through storytelling and the brain.” (used with permission) Laura’s blogs deal with writing about your family, the history, and she has many hints and ideas.

Below are links to articles and blogs that list many reasons why you should write down your family stories. Even Good Housekeeping magazine is on board with an article:

For even more on Why we should write our family stories, here are additional links: The New York Public Library has an article “20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History.” (Think short stories rather than a “history”)

Now for the How
The first question for many of us would be “how do I start?”, or “Where do I start?” To get beyond this paralysis, below are links to several articles and blogs which will help with these questions, and get you started with the actual writing. A Google search would bring up many more. has several articles, which are free:

It is much easier to write about one event, one person, or one couple than trying to write a “book.” Your story could be one page or several pages. Perfectionism is another major roadblock: “The story has to be perfect,” whatever that means. Forget perfect! Just write it down! Just start writing. Write a page every morning or evening, just write-about anything! Try writing a page or so every day. Write about the funny, the sad, even the mad! Your writing may be rough at first. You can edit later-or not! Do it in longhand or on the computer.


Written by Linda Johnson, Gold Trail Chapter Daughter Published in the Gold Trail Newsletter, Notes From the Trail, May 2020.

Linda Winthers
State Librarian

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Announcement: Susan Broderick, State Regent-Elect Recorded Presentation…New Beginnings!

If the Spring Council meetings were held, the Council meetings to meet the Officers-elect, Daughters would be enjoying wonderful fellowship, meeting and installing the new district boards, and hearing from Susan Broderick, State Regent-elect, and members of her executive board. The venue we had planned would have been decked out in the colors of spring and we would have been hearing about…new beginnings.

We would have welcomed the current, outgoing state officers, recognized the planners of the event, honored those who served our Society these past two years, and enjoyed the company of our honorary state regents. After introductions and recognition, and perhaps a special commemorative program, we would have taken a brief recess to reconfigure the platform place cards. The officers-elect would have taken their seats on the platform.

Your state regent would have begun the day:
Good morning. It is a pleasure to welcome California Daughters and guests to our Spring (Southern or Northern) Council meeting where we will celebrate new beginnings, you will hear from your officers-elect and see friends take their oath to become district officers. Then, she would continue:

Mrs. Broderick, State Regent-elect, will present her team and their plans and share their ideas.

This year, the greeting is the same…but in the form of this Announcement. The ideas, plans, expectations for the 2020-2022 Broderick Administration are no less important because we aren’t able to be together. We are fortunate to have the electronic capability to share Mrs. Broderick’s dreams and goals in a way that every California Daughter can hear them. Every Daughter can see just where Susan and her board are directing their focus. Every Daughter can view the video format and get excited about the plans, determine to lend her support to these women willing to serve, and turn her focus to the new beginnings, simply through the link, below (after login):


Broderick New Beginnings Recorded Presentation

Enjoy your time with Mrs. Broderick!

Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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Announcement: Cancellation of California Congressional Tea and Mayflower Hotel Rooms

This morning we learned from our President General that the 129th Continental Congress would be moved to an online platform. With no in-person event in Washington, DC, we will sadly be cancelling our California Congressional Tea and our room block at the Mayflower Hotel.

The Mayflower Hotel is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and there is no one on-site. Employees have been furloughed. I am in touch with our hotel representative to determine if we can have an auto cancel of room reservations in our block alleviating the need for members to call in. In the spirit of positivity, I am looking to move our contract for the California Congressional Tea to June of 2022. We are already in Contract for June of 2021.

We will share details as we have them.

Susan Broderick
State Vice Regent


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Announcement: Help NSDAR Expand List of Patriots

Written by: Stephanie Tuszynski
DAR Library Director

Date: April 28, 2020

Regardless of the numerical size of the collection, the DAR Library’s greatest resource has always been the Daughters themselves. Whether through book donations, financial support or countless hours of volunteer work, the myriad contributions of our members have helped us develop the depth of the Library’s research tools. Now, in collaboration with the DAR genealogists, we have a new resource and a new way for members to help us expand the list of eligible Patriots of the American Revolution.

This new DAR Library resource focuses on genealogical research in British-occupied areas of the American colonies. Cities and other areas that were under British occupation for any period of the Revolutionary War can be challenging when it comes to proving patriotic service. Some individuals have been flagged in the DAR databases due to recorded events from the period of occupation. At least some of these ancestors may not have been Loyalists but, unfortunately, no documentation has yet been discovered to prove otherwise. This is where we are seeking the assistance of DAR members.

The National Society wants to document/restore the service of as many of these Patriots as possible, but we need the help of our members to make it happen. To that end, we are creating a series of research guides on locations that were under British occupation, starting with Long Island in New York. On this webpage, you will find some overall guidance for doing research, including a flow chart to help anyone who is starting the process and a list of linked resources used by the DAR Library staff and DAR genealogists in our own work. View the webpage here. Our hope is that members will start combing through these resources to find proof of Patriotic service for as many ancestors as possible, so that we can restore them as established Patriots whose descendants are eligible to join DAR.

If you have an ancestor from Long Island who is currently not considered an eligible Patriot, we hope this resource will provide a starting point. If you find primary source documentation of proof of service, please contact:

We are also requesting that members inform the DAR Library of new/additional primary sources that can be added to the website that will help everyone. If you have suggestions for such resources, please contact:  . This is a large, collaborative effort and we need the expert insights of our DAR members to ensure its success.

The Long Island resource is only the first of a planned series that will include other cities such as Charleston, Philadelphia and so forth. Check back on the DAR Library website to see the additional pages as we add them. And as always, we thank the Daughters for their support of the DAR Library!

Linda Winthers
State Librarian
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State Regent’s Message: May 2020

My Dear California Daughters:

For two years, we have been living under the scriptures:
     Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well. 1 Peter 4:10 and
Let us think of ways to encourage one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

Never at any moment had your State Regent even entertained the idea that both would have been called into play as they have been these past weeks… our weeks in living with COVID-19. Several days into our State Conference in March, we were called upon to distance ourselves from each other. We put space between our chairs, avoided hugs, and implemented the “California bump.” Then, within a week of Conference, we were instructed to “shelter in place,” avoid all meetings that had people in physical social contact. Schools and businesses were closed. Some employees were able to shift work to home, many were furloughed, and too many were laid off. We confined our travel to necessary errands. And, California Daughters got to work!

Many of you were already in the business of “serving others” and continued your work on the front-lines and in the essential positions to sustain life and fight the coronavirus. Others, though, began asking, “What can we do? How can we help?” In other words, “How can we use our God-given gifts to support, to serve others?” “What can we do to encourage each other to love one another and support good works?”

The first need was for protective face masks for the essential and front-line workers… then for the vulnerable… then for the rest of us. Daughters began sewing and continue to do so and have added theirs to the thousands made by Daughters country-wide. Other acts of kindness emerged. Groceries were delivered to neighbors; letters were written, phone calls made to encourage others. Humor has been shared to lift spirits. You are using your gifts, you are encouraging others. You are living out the demand of the scriptures… and making a tremendous difference through your service to God, Home, and Country.

All of this has been encouraging, but not being able to move forward with the expectations, the plans for the last two months of this administration and a smooth transition into the next has had an impact, too. Chapters and districts have had to learn to use technology in ways not common before to conduct business. But, new boards are being elected, meetings held, awards presented, and “social” events held, all done remotely. However, many of the traditions and ceremonies are being postponed or minimized.

Susan Broderick, State Regent-elect, is preparing a webinar presentation to share her plans, projects, theme, and symbol. Her new executive officers-elect are sharing their ideas and expectations through a blog format. Watch for an Announcement within the next several days from Mrs. Broderick with details for both the webinar and the informational blogs.

We still wait to hear from our President General regarding Continental Congress 2020, which will also determine the fate of our CA Congressional Tea. We wait to hear from the San Diego Mission de Alcalá and Debbie Duay. And, though guidelines from our state and county elected officials could halt everything, we are still planning for the Backyard Barbecue at our Headquarters in Glendora, June 6th.

In these days of uncertainty, when so little is within my control, to maintain a positive attitude, focused on what is right and good, I have had to turn my attention to another scripture. Please join me in Philippians 4:6: Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.

Much love and appreciation,

Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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Announcement: Annual Backyard Barbecue

The Backyard Barbecue to be held at our Headquarters in Glendora, is still scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2020!

In addition to simply celebrating being together again and having fun, there are several things on our agenda: greeting members of the 2020-2022 CSSDAR Broderick Administration Executive Board, elected in March; installation of 2020-2022 District Boards; a surprise dedication of something special in the Oak Lea (you won’t even guess…don’t try); and the presentation of the final check of the Lancaster Administration State Regent’s project to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Anticipating / hoping that the Governor will lift the ban and allow groups to socialize, a reservation flyer can be found on the homepage of our CSSDAR Members’ Website, or you can click on the link below:

Backyard Barbecue Flyer

Until mid-May, we will be taking reservations by check only. Once we know that we will be allowed to gather, we will add the form to the webstore for reserving with credit cards. (We will not deposit the checks until absolutely confident that we can hold the event. Checks will be returned if we cannot.)

If the ban on social gatherings is lifted, but there are still group size restrictions, we will base attendance on the “first reservations received – checks sent with printed forms – first tickets issued.” So, join your State Regent in thinking positively and send in your reservation right away.

You getting tired of your own company?
Looking forward to being together again soon!
Let’s gather for the Backyard Barbecue in Glendora, June 6th!
Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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Announcement: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

Once again California Daughters demonstrated amazing support for California’s Children of the American Revolution at the California 112th State Conference. State Regent Lancaster allowed Daughters to bring shoes to support the California CAR state project of supporting the 501(c)(3) Organization Soles4Souls.

In case you are wondering how many pairs of shoes were deposited at the CAR table in the exhibit room…the grand total was 402 pairs of shoes! That’s a lot of shoes!!

Here is what was learned from all those shoes:
– Black was the most popular color.
– Average shoe size was 9½.

Question many members asked after dropping off shoes was: how in the world were the shoes going to be sent to Soles4Souls?

In a pre Covid-19 world, all the shoes would have been driven to the local DSW store. There is a barrel marked Soles4Souls by the check-out line accepting new and used shoes.

Thus, plan “B” was put into place. A free shipping label was downloaded, shoes were packed in the biggest boxes possible, and then they were dropped off at local UPS store.

Daughters have changed lives just by donating new and used shoes!

Holly Stover
CAR State Chair
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