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State Regent’s Message: December 2018

CA Daughters… Making a difference through our service to God, Home, and Country

My Dear California Daughters,

In her message, A Time for Gratitude and Focus, (Daughters Newsletter, November/ December), Mrs. Dillon, President General, spoke directly to California Daughters without calling us by name. She spoke of Thanksgiving as “often lost between Halloween and Christmas.” But for her, it is “probably the most important holiday of the year.” This year, with fires burning and great loss to property, we still had so many things for which to give thanks. Foremost, Daughters lives were spared in Paradise and Southern California (Malibu). Members found refuge with family and friends. Life is still unsettled for many. But, life knows how to recover and will. Too, Daughters, as sister-members, are reaching out to help. Donations are still being made through check and webstore contributions and gift card collections. There will be a location at our annual Victorian Christmas Tea to receive gift cards. Some of the monetary donations will purchase gift cards for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If you have discount coupons to this store, to help to stretch the dollars, consider sharing them, too. (They don’t expire.) Your prayers, comments of care, and contributions speak exactly to the inspiration for our State theme, when the little boy said, as he tossed another sea star into the water: Made a difference to this one. You are doing the same, making a difference…one Daughter at a time.

Our thanksgiving continues as we quickly enter the days of joy and hope… and sharing. We begin this season sharing the joy of friendship over tea. The Headquarters Committee has prepared our “home” for the holidays and will be there to greet you. This promises to be a wonderful gathering of friends… old and new… a time to relax and enjoy. US Marines will be on hand to collect new, unwrapped toys for distribution during the holidays. Consider supporting this effort.

By the time you read this, your chapter Treasurer will have submitted your dues and handled other responsibilities that keep your chapter in good standing. Thank her!

Chairmen for several of the State Committees have reminded you of deadlines and are prepared to accept nominations for Outstanding Teachers of American History and nominations for Outstanding Veteran Volunteers, Outstanding Youth Volunteers and Outstanding DAR Service for Veterans. There are people in every community who are making a difference in classrooms every day. And others, serving our veterans and active military in such meaningful ways, also, making a difference every day. They need to be recognized and thanked.

Don’t forget, too, that DAR has a means to recognize any member of any community who is using gifts of time, talents, and passions to serve others… to make a difference. Consider recognizing these people with the Community Service Award. Look for those, especially, who went well beyond their normal service during the troubled times created by the fires. This might be a wonderful time to recognize what they do quietly every day.

Though it is still December, it isn’t too early to think a little about what’s coming. CSSDAR will jump-start the New Year. Watch for Announcements regarding another state-organized genealogy workshop at the Sacramento Family History Center in January; the celebration to be held at our Headquarters in February to mark the 90th “birthday” of the Madonna of the Trail.

The Call to Conference, with new and exciting events, will be distributed in early January. You will want to make your plans early as some events will be limited to the first who register. Even early information will be shared regarding the first-ever DAR School Tour for CA Daughters. Watch for these and other Announcements. Don’t miss out!

Though the days of December will be busy, always are, and you get caught up in the “doing and going,” do make time to reflect. Reflect on your blessings… reasons for your thanks-giving. Recall how you, using your special gifts, are making a difference to someone you might not even know and be pleased. Recall how someone has made a difference in your life and be thankful.

Wishing you the best this season has to offer…

With much love and gratitude,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent


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Announcement: Final Stretch to Enter Your 2018 Service to America Hours

Thank you, California DAR Daughters who have responded and are actively entering their Service to America volunteer hours. There is one chapter, not the largest in the state, that has accumulated over 11,000 hours–which is by far the highest to date. Another of our smaller chapters, with only twenty members, has logged over 3,000 hours; a 56-member chapter has over 9,000 hours. ALL of our members are to be congratulated for the many activities they have done to promote DAR as a SERVICE ORGANIZATION.

As we come to the final stretch in the next four weeks, PLEASE, PLEASE, Regents, encourage your members to log into the SERVICE TO AMERICA ONLINE TALLY and finish up 2018 with an extraordinary effort to meet your goal for the year. President ANN DILLON deserves to be honored for her leadership and dedication to our National Society and California Daughters can help do that by entering those hours on the tally.

The CSSDAR Members’ Website has information on acceptable community service hours and directions to log your hours and is available from this link:

Service to America Online Tally Information

May the holidays bring peace and joy to you and yours.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Co-Chair if you have questions.

Jean Thomas & Whitney Crane
Service to America Co-Chairs

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Chapter Chatter: El Redondo Chapter at Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial

El Redondo Chapter participates annually in two memorial activities in remembrance of the November 11th – Veterans Day. One is the small joint ceremony at Green Hills Cemetery with the Pt. Vicente Chapter. The second is the larger event at the Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial at Veterans Park.

Nancy Connell, a past chapter regent and member of the Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial Task Force, arrives early to the park to set up the booth. Other ladies join her and assist at the table. Some pass out small flags to the large audience gathered to hear the program emceed by Lt. Col. Tom Lasser, retired Viet Nam veteran. Music is provided by Redondo Union High School.

This year the keynote speaker was CWO3 Keith “Gunner” Willoughby of the Redondo Union High School MCJROTC. This year the El Redondo Chapter Daughters were familiar with speaker Willoughby from the many services he has provided to the chapter in the past.

El Redondo Daughters with speaker Willoughby at the Vets Day Tribute
L-R Kathy Edwards, Kathy Fikel-Gessner, Carole Callies, Fran Vander Stucken, Nancy Connell, Virda Chappell, Pat Kelly, Lynda Kraemer

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Committee Update: Quarters for Headquarters Christmas Ornament

The Headquarters Administration Committee is disappointed to relay that due to production difficulties, the Christmas ornament will not be available at the Victorian Tea on Saturday, December 8, 2018 as planned. While you are enjoying your day at the tea, take the opportunity to stop by the Headquarters table to hear the details of the Headquarters Porch Beautification and Restoration project and support the goal to restore and paint the weathered porch furniture, reupholster the cushions and pillows, and purchase two new chairs.  Stay tuned for future fundraising activities!

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Announcement: Salt Lake City Library Trip April 7-14, 2019

The registration form for the trip to the Salt Lake City Genealogy Library is online and at the Webstore. Cost to register is $45.00, which covers the registration fee, genealogy assistance and classes. The Webstore payment deadline is March 25, 2019, or postmarked no later than March 21, 2019, if mailing registration form and check.

There will be two meals at an additional cost of $35.00 each. One will be a get-acquainted Italian buffet on Monday night, April 8th, and the second will be a Mexican buffet on Friday night, April 12th. Debbie Duay will be our speaker Tuesday through Friday. There will be classes at the library (subjects to be determined), as well as an orientation. There will be help available for those who are doing supplementals.

The Salt Lake Plaza Hotel is next door to the library and a block of rooms has been reserved for attendees. Reservations should be made directly with the hotel. The following is a link to the hotel’s website:  Salt Lake Plaza Hotel

Hope you are able to join us.

Donna Riegel
State Registrar
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Chapter Chatter: Sierra Amador Honors WWI Veterans

On November 10, 2018, Sierra Amador chapter honored local WWI veterans at an Armistice Day Centennial Celebration at the Jackson Pioneer Cemetery; it was a great success! Families related to our WWI veterans came from near and far – or sent greetings. Special US WWI Commemoration certificates were awarded to the City of Jackson Mayor Connie Gonzales and to Post 108 American Legion Adjutant Al Lennox.

The origin and the role the American Red Cross in WWI was shared by Disaster Program Manager, Patricia Davis,  and Volunteer Kate Murphy. Historian and Radio Host, Cedric Clute, brought the WWI era music and shared the poem, “Flanders Field” (where one of our WWI casualties is buried). The presence of many State and District DAR dignitaries blessed our program. Audience members shared the names of their own family WWI veterans. A beautiful rendition of Taps by Troop 63 Boy Scout Senior Patrol Leader Carlton Leggett finished the program.

Veteran graves at our beautiful Jackson Pioneer Cemetery were marked by flags and WWI graves with an additional commemoration card. Many walked through the cemetery to pay their respects, with a special stop at the newly restored grave of Albert Harry Bode.

Sierra Amador Daughters researched and posted 62 WWI veteran graves in our “hometown” cemetery, and we located names and burial sites of the 20 local WWI casualties. Post 108 American Legion now plans to create a permanent memorial to these men.

Sierra Amador is are proud to donate our US WWI Commemoration Commission bronze plaque to complete this permanent memorial.

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Announcement: California DAR Schools Bus Tour 2019

If you attended Northern or Southern Council meetings, it is very likely you took a photo in front of the DAR Schools’ banner on the red carpet! Over 100 of you signed up for the informational emails regarding the California DAR Schools tour that will take place in October 2019.

The California DAR School Committee is happy to offer California Daughters this final opportunity to sign up for the informational emails regarding the California Daughters’ tour of DAR Schools! If you did sign up during either council meeting, there is no need to sign up again. In doubt? Do reply that you want to receive information.

Very soon, we will send information emails with details of dates, costs, deposits, and itinerary. It will be a first-come, first-serve email that should go out in the coming weeks.

Here’s what we know right now:

California Daughters will meet in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, travel by luxury coach to tour five of our DAR schools, visit historical locations, and end our trip in Nashville on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. Don’t purchase yet, but you will need to purchase your own round-trip flight to Nashville once we announce who will be going.

Our luxury coach will accommodate 44 passengers, and these seats will go fast! Check your calendars for Oct 10 through Oct 19, 2019. Receipt of your deposit will guarantee your seat on the bus. Further bus trip details will only go to those who sign up for the informational emails; sign-up opportunities will not be shared on our social media pages.

Please send an email to one of us shown below and let us know that you would like to receive information about the California DAR Schools Bus Tour in 2019. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cheryl Nester Odell                        Elizabeth Lucius Julian
DAR Schools State Chair             DAR Schools State Vice Chair
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Announcement: The Women’s Issues Contest Deadline is Approaching; Let’s Make a Difference

You have the opportunity to share your own story. Your focus might be regarding any health issues, family situations, or about the career challenges met every day. Tell your story and how you overcame difficulties you experienced. Tell about the joys of your success. Essays are to be titled, typed, and are limited to 1,800 words. (All words count.) Each entry must include the cover page and the contest entry Form. Detailed information is available on the CSSDAR Members’ Website at the following link (after login):

Submit an essay of your story to the Women’s Issues Committee Chair Susan Dawson at:, no later than January 15, 2019. Remember to include the cover page and the contest entry form.

Please do not hesitate to contact this Chair if you have any questions.

Susan Dawson
Women’s Issues State Chair

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Announcement: Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) State Conference February 16-17, 2019

Darren Gillick, State President and Mrs. Tanya Gillick, Senior State President C.S.S.C.A.R., invite you to save the date for the “In Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness,” Children of American Revolution State Conference to be held on February 16-17, 2019, at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel. This is a great place to learn more about and further support the state project – Mission 22. The hotel rate for the conference will be $139.00 per night plus 14% tax. This will be on Presidents’ Day weekend so many will have a 3-day weekend and time to spend at Knott’s or any of the other fun things in the area.

More information to come! Please save the date.

If you aren’t already on the C.A.R. State Facebook page, please join it by searching on Facebook under “California State Society C.A.R.” Further information will be shared on Facebook as it becomes available.

To learn more about C.A.R., check out the information on the CSSDAR Members’ Website at the following link (after login):

C.A.R. State Committee

Please do not hesitate to contact this Chair if you have any questions.
Tanya Gillick
C.A.R. State Chair

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Chapter Chatter: El Dorado Chapter Celebrates 40th Anniversary

El Dorado Chapter, Placerville, celebrated its 40th anniversary with table hostesses beautifully displaying their finest silver and china for a tea on Sunday afternoon November 18, 2018.  Special guests included State Regent Adele Lancaster, Honorary President General Mrs. Dorla Dean Kemper, State Honorary Regent Beverly Moncrieff, State Vice Regent Susan Broderick, and District II Director Susan Brooking.  Chapter Regent Carol Ann Nolan presided over the day’s commemoration.

El Dorado Chapter was chartered on October 12, 1978 by Organizing Regent Emily Ross. Three charter members who served with Mrs. Ross attended the event: Mary Jane Battaglia, Bonnie Battaglia, and Beverly Battaglia.  Janet Levi, who served three times as Chapter Regent, spoke about the chapter’s history and past accomplishments.  Honorary President General Mrs. Kemper presented a mesmerizing program on the “The Orchid and Art” including the history of DAR and Honorary President Generals.  Additionally, photos pulled from the NSDAR Archives displayed many orchids being worn by our past leadership.

Early in the program Placerville City Council member, Patty Borelli, read a Proclamation and stated it was read at the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting on November 13, 2018.  The Regent and State Regent then recognized Chaplain Virginia DeGregory for her 25 years of service and Past Regent Cynthia Larson for membership growth.

Group Photo of El Dorado Chapter with State Regent Adele Lancaster

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State Headquarters: New Campaign – Quarters for Headquarters Porch Beautification and Restoration

Last year, the CSSDAR Headquarters Committee thanked California Daughters and Chapters for the successful Quarters for Headquarters fundraising campaign to replace the worn and old folding tables and chairs at our headquarters. New folding tables and chairs, long tables and storage carts were purchased and will be proudly used at this year’s Victorian Tea.

A new Quarters for Headquarters campaign has been approved following an evaluation of the porch area of the headquarters:

Headquarters Porch Beautification and Restoration

The opportunity to restore and beautify the weathered porch furniture to maintain the warm and inviting porch area of the house has been identified.

  • The furniture will be restored and painted.
  • All the cushions and pillows will be reupholstered in a stripe fabric that matches the colors on the house with a complimentary color for the pillows.
  • Two new chairs will be purchased.

California Daughters will initially have an opportunity to support this campaign at the Victorian Tea with the purchase of a new CSSDAR Christmas Ornament!

The 125th anniversary ornament was very popular, and in response to requests when another ornament would be available, a new Lancaster Administration 2018-2020 limited edition ornament has been created to support the Headquarters Porch Beautification and Restoration campaign.

The ornament is currently in production and will be ready for the Victorian Tea on December 8, 2018, so please come by the Headquarters’ table and purchase an ornament for $20.00 to support the Headquarters Porch Beautification and Restoration project!

Vicki Broadhurst, Vice Chair-Fundraising
CSSDAR Headquarters Administration Committee

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Committee Reminder: American Heritage Contest

Calling all artists, sculptors, photographers, designers, writers, composers, weavers, jewelers, knitters, stitchers, quilters, rug makers, crafters, creative types and historic costume creators! The American Heritage Contest is for you! With 42 categories available, you should find the perfect one to fit your creation. If not, there is always “Other” available.

This is a themed contest and can be entered by individuals or groups. The entry must be an original design and have been created while the member was an NSDAR member. This year’s theme is “Honoring Our Patriots While Preserving Our Family Stories.” The Historic Costume theme is limited to “The Era of the Revolution (1773-1783).”  Read all about the contest on the American Heritage Committee page on the CSSDAR Members’ Website and is available at this link (after login):
Fiber Arts and Historic Costumes should be mailed to the State Chair between December 1, 2018 and January 11, 2019 at:
Carole Curran
American Heritage State Chair
315 W. Scenic Drive
Monrovia, CA 91015
All other categories are due to National Vice Chair for that division between January 2 – February 15, 2019. Please email a copy of the form to the State Chair at:
Let’s show how creative California Daughters can be!
Please do not hesitate to contact this Chair if you have any questions.
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Chapter Chatter: Anne Loucks Chapter WWI Armistice 100th Anniversary Commemoration

Anne Loucks Chapter held a WWI Armistice 100th Anniversary Commemoration on November 11th at 11:00 a.m. at the Soldier’s Monument in Pleasant Hill. The ceremony included a presentation on the DAR in WWI, the American Indian involvement in he Great War, a history of Soldier’s Monument and chapter members presenting information on their ancestors who served. A wreath was placed at the Monument accompanied by recitation of “Flanders Field”. The ceremony included with a Gun Salute by American Legion members in WWI uniforms. Taps concluded the impressive ceremony which was attended by Anne Loucks chapter members, community members and local politicians.

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Committee Reminder: DAR Service for Veterans Award Nominations Due December 1, 2018

DAR Service for Veterans provides a tangible way to say “thank you” by acknowledging and recognizing veterans’ service, sacrifice, and commitment to the preservation of our nation’s freedom. Now is the time to give special thanks to men, women, or youth volunteers in VAVS programs or extended area programs who have given outstanding service to our veterans.

The Outstanding Veteran Volunteer Award, Outstanding DAR Service for Veterans Award, and Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award nomination deadline is December 1st. Recognize and thank volunteers in your community who have taken that extra step to help by submitting a nomination to your state chair this year. Application information and instruction are on the National website or can be found at the CSSDAR Service to Veterans webpage.

Remember, all nominations must reach your state chair no later than December 1, 2018. For further information or questions regarding required documents, please contact your state chair at

Please send your nominations to:

Carol Brush
State Chair – Service for Veterans
PO Box 127
Roseville CA 95661-0127

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