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Announcement: CSSDAR Library Book Club

California now has its’ own Library Book Club! The book club will feature Historical Fiction books. We will be reading six (6) books per year and having book club meetings to discuss the books via Zoom.

The first book selection is: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman’s belief that books can carry us anywhere-even back home. (From the book.) This book was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

There will be two opportunities to discuss the book on Zoom. The Zoom discussion will be on Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m. and the second meeting at 7:00 p.m. Sign up for your choice by emailing this officer.

This state librarian will be looking forward to seeing all of you at the first Book Club discussion!

Deborah Foley-King
State Librarian

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Chapter Chatter: Mission Viejo Chapter Executive Board Meeting

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, our Executive Board held its first meeting of our new term. We have many new board members and are enthusiastically discussing and planning some creative ideas to keep our members engaged and serve our community. Plans include virtual bingo, sewing Dopp kits as a Service for Veterans project, a neighborhood and beach cleanup for our Day of Service amongst others. We were excited to spend time outdoors and socially distanced, and then got to unveil our newly purchased canopy tent with our logo for a quick photo opportunity.

Photo L to R: Linda Boud, Recording Secretary, Cindie Reilly, Corresponding Secretary, Bunny Smith, 1st Vice Regent, Laura Nygaard, Registrar, Maryann Rudolph Herrera, Regent, Linda Watts, Librarian, Metty Thomason, Parliamentarian, Pam Hurley, 2nd Vice Regent, Chris Hurst-Loeffler, Treasurer, Cynthia Broadhead, Chaplain, Heidi Larkin-Reed, Historian

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Announcement: Order Your 2020-2021 CSSDAR Yearbook and Directory

Printed versions of the 2020-2021 CSSDAR Yearbook and Directory may be ordered now and will be shipped in September. State officers, Honorary State Regents, District Directors and Chapter Regents will each receive a complimentary copy.

Cost per copy: $16.00 (includes tax and shipping)
Deadline for orders: Postmarked by August 25, 2020
Received by August 30, 2020
No additional copies will be printed for late purchase.

Ordering with check:
Make check payable ($16.00 per copy) to CSSDAR Treasurer

Send check with order form, linked below to:

CSSDAR Headquarters
P.O. Box 1436
Glendora, CA 91740-1436


Emily Boling
State Corresponding Secretary

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Chapter Chatter: Susan B. Anthony Chapter Board Meeting

In early August, the Susan B. Anthony Chapter board members gathered to plan for the upcoming year. We are excited to connect with our Daughters and provide opportunities to continue our commitment of support and patriotic service to our veterans, current military members and their families as well as our community.

We are looking forward to an exciting year!

Photo L to R: Lucinda Traughber-Recording Secretary, Jennifer Danielson-Regent, Wendy Cavanaugh-Librarian,
Carol Bachand-Registrar, Margaret Downey-2nd Vice Regent, Christine Mickey-1st Vice Regent, Sharon Meigs-Treasurer

Not present: Allison Nollan-Corresponding Secretary, Carol Bahr-Chaplain

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Announcement: Outstanding Teacher of American History Contest Submission Deadline October 30, 2020

Do you know an outstanding teacher of American History? Of course you do! And, if not, it is time to go looking for one! All chapters are encouraged to sponsor a local teacher for the Outstanding Teacher of American History Contest. This year has been especially difficult for parents and teachers, so let’s show our appreciation by nominating as many worthy teachers as possible!

The Outstanding Teacher of American History Contest honors full-time teachers of American History, Government or Civics for grades 5-12. Information and forms are listed in the National Information Packet (NIP) on the NSDAR website. Or you can link to the form and instructions on the NSDAR website, “Executive Office – Historian General” at the following link:

Outstanding Teacher of American History Information

August is the time to contact teachers and administrators as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Completed packets must be submitted by October 30, 2020. Please mail them to:

Sherrie Stein, State Historian
2137 Emberwood Way
Escondido, CA 92029

Incomplete or late packets will not be accepted. Please contact me with any questions. I am here to assist you!

Let us honor the dedication of our educators by recognizing and awarding them for their service to our youth and the future or our country.

Sherrie Stein
State Historian
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Announcement: Time to Plan for Constitution Week

When: September 17-23, 2020
What: Constitution Week
Why: To remind Americans to Celebrate the foundation of our country!

Daughters, in these unsettling times it is crucial for us to encourage all Americans to recognize the importance of and celebrate the continued existence of the Constitution of the United States. With its 27 Amendments, it needs to be understood that it is a living document to be respected as the Law of the Land!

It is the beginning of August, so you still have time to plan your chapter’s Constitution Week celebrations, if you have not already done so! We are basically still in a “virtual” rather than a “real” situation regarding meetings and social gatherings, so alternative ideas can be considered.

Many of the following suggestions have come from chapters in other states who have posted them on Facebook:

Contact your local mayor’s office, city council, and/or county supervisor’s office to request a Constitution Week Proclamation. A sample template is helpful to include in your request and can be found on the CSSDAR Website on the Commemorative Events page at the following link (after login):

Commemorative Events Constitution Week

The Proclamation can be displayed at your Constitution Week Table (in-person or “virtual” at home) or read at a chapter meeting.

Constitution Week Posters
Order posters from the NSDAR Store at the following link:

NSDAR Store Constitution Week Items

Ask permission of libraries, post offices, chambers of commerce, churches, temples, supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses to place them in their windows.

Supply teachers with posters to display in their homes for the students to view and discuss during “virtual” online schooling; remember to include those parents who have decided to home school their children as a result of the pandemic.

Send photos of the posters to libraries, if they can’t put in their windows to put on their websites and to teachers if can’t deliver them in person.

Constitution Week “Flyers”
Create a simple Constitution Week “Flyer” and take to restaurants who offer take-out and delivery service; they can tape or staple the flyer to the bags of food! (especially pizza boxes!)

Take flyers to public parks and have Constitution Week on one side and info/map trail on the other side.

Teacher Resource Kits
Take lesson plans from Community Classroom database (Community Classroom webpage; search Community Classroom lesson plan database; DAR Lesson Plans, p. 3)

Add a Pocket Constitution from the NSDAR Store (see link above), pencils or pens with Constitution Week printed on them, bookmarks, copies of the Bill of Rights, Preamble, Declaration of Independence, and for middle and high schools, copies of “A More Perfect Union” dvd (movie about the Constitution Convention of 1787) available from the National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS) at the following link:

Chapter Programs
Create a power point presentation which would work for either in-person or “virtual” meetings. Contact a member on the State Speakers’ Staff.

Plan a short but organized “discussion” of the events surrounding the passage of the 19th Amendment (Women’s Suffrage) with pro and con Congressional “speeches”!

Have a brief discussion of the major stumbling block during the Constitutional Convention (Congressional Representation: Madison for the large states, Sherman for the small states and relate it to the debate about the relevance of the Electoral College today.)

Have your chapter publicity chair contact TV stations, newspapers, radio, online services with Constitution Week spots. See NSDAR Constitution Week Toolbox for samples.

Billboards!! Chapters in Arizona, Texas and Virginia have created Constitution Week billboards. The Lamar Company which is nationwide donates advertising space to various nonprofit organizations for PSAs (Public Service Announcements) at the following link:

Bells Across America!
At 4:00 p.m. EST (1:00 p.m. PST) on September 17, join DAR daughters across the nation and ring bells to celebrate the signing of the Constitution in 1787!! Perhaps it will be possible to gather in a public park (social distancing observed) and ring the bells! Even if we are in our own homes we can still ring those bells, ladies!!

The above are just a few suggestions and I’m sure you have others, if so, please share them with me! I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments or if you need help! Call or write to me at Sue MacLaurin, (818) 919-6820,

Let’s begin our year with Constitution Week and celebrate all year long!

Sue MacLaurin

Constitution Week Chair

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Announcement: Save the Date – Virtual Fall Council 2020


Mark you calendars now!

Plan to attended; you won’t want to miss these informative workshops and presentations.

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Chapter Chatter: Los Gatos Chapter Members Hit the Track

Kudos to the Juniors for encouraging women’s fitness through the Firefly 5K. It’s no secret that exercising is easier and more fun with friends.

Four members of the Los Gatos chapter spent an hour Friday morning, July 24, 2020, walking the track at Leland High School’s Pat Tillman Stadium. As early birds, we were the first ones out. Socially distancing was easy on the wide, smooth track. The 12 laps flew by as we walked and talked on a beautiful day in Silicon Valley. Although it was the Firefly 5K that got us to put on our walking shoes, we had so much fun that word spread. Three more joined us the following week, and we hope to continue through the summer. Walkers move at their own speed and set individual goals. Afterwards we cool down with a socially distanced visit underneath the parking lot solar panels in chairs brought from home.

While we were enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, we remembered Pat Tillman’s heroic legacy. Pat was a Bret Harte Middle School and Leland High School graduate who played football for Leland. He excelled in football on the same field where we walked. Pat turned away from a promising professional NFL career to serve his country in the aftermath of 9/11. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004.

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Chapter Chatter: 2020-22 CA State Regent Susan A. Broderick Honored at Surprise Installation & Luncheon

On the morning of June 28, 2020,  the fourth and final day of the 2020 Continental Congress, Susan Broderick had absolutely no idea of what surprises were to come.

At 6:30 a.m., a group of California Daughters secretly gathered outside the front door of her residence. With the pre-arranged assistance of her husband, David, the group quietly made way into her kitchen, at which time, he called out to her, “Susan, we have guests.” After a few moments, Susan sheepishly appeared in the hallway leading to the kitchen where she was immediately greeted with a huge shout of “SURPRISE!” The look on her face was priceless. The secret surprise was a total tissue-worthy success. The smiles and tears and hugs were abundant!

At 7:30 am she was surrounded and supported by all in attendance as the Oath of Office was administered by NSDAR President General Denise Doring VanBuren via live video feed. A champagne toast and lovely luncheon followed the ceremony.

Congratulations, Susan! Your California Daughters look forward to an amazing journey under your leadership for the next two years.

“We Can & We Will” Rise and Shine for America!

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Chapter Chatter: Colonel William Cabell Chapter Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Founded on August 1, 1950, the Colonel William Cabell Chapter celebrated its 70th anniversary with a cupcake drive-by party.

The Colonel William Cabell Chapter was organized in 1950 by Mabel Bowen Boardman with twenty-four charter members.

Today the Colonel William Cabell Chapter NSDAR is very active in our community and we boast over 160 members from Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and neighboring cities.

Pictured left to right: Ellen O’Brien, Ramsey Johansson, Diane Dales and Jeanette Justus.

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Chapter Chatter: Jose Maria Amador Chapter Takes Part in “No Regrets” Bay Area Tour

Two members of the Jose Maria Amador Chapter, Pleasanton, CA, were able to take part in the “No Regrets” tour when it came through the Bay Area.

Sidney Walton, one of America’s oldest WWII vets, seen at this year’s Super Bowl Coin Toss, is on a nationwide No Regrets Tour, visiting all 50 states and meeting all 50 governors, in a campaign to raise awareness of the rapidly dwindling number of WWII vets. He regrets to this day missing an opportunity to meet some of the last veterans of the Civil War. So far Sidney has been able to visit 32 states. Sydney lives in San Diego and due to Covid-19 concerns made his trip to the Bay Area via a Buick Enclave specially wrapped with photos of Sidney past and present. The local caravan started in San Jose stopped at San Francisco’s City Hall for a brief presentation and then headed on to Mill Valley where the caravan ended at the Mill Valley City Hall.

Regent Cindi Newbold and Registrar Jane Ullrich were happy to represent our Pleasanton DAR chapter and Newbold remarked, “My participation in The No Regrets Tour offered a safe and meaningful opportunity to honor not only Sidney Walton, but all of our WWII veterans. I believe it’s important to our veterans to have evidence that their fellow citizens remember their sacrifices and remain grateful for that service to our country.”

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Chapter Chatter: Arrowhead Valley Chapter’s Historical Preservation Committee Library Project

About five years ago, Patricia Westerfield, a former elementary teacher, approached Diane McCalmon with her idea to upgrade some of the old children’s history books at A.K. Smiley Public Library. Soon after that, Pat and Diane visited the library and were shocked as some of these books looked like books they read at the same library years ago.

They met with the newly appointed Executive Director Don McCue. He was very excited but thought if we wanted to display books donated by Arrowhead Valley DAR, we would need to purchase a revolving shelving unit. It seemed just too expensive, so the project was dropped. When Pat became Regent, she and Diane became Co-Chairs of the Historical Preservation Committee. They met several times with Don McCue and Pam Martinez, the children’s librarian to again discuss the purchase of children’s history books. This time shelving was available and the books could be ordered through Amazon Prime. The project was brought before the membership in March 2020 and passed unanimously.

The library sent us their wish list and we were able to purchase 42 new children’s history and biographical books within our budget. When all the books were received, COVID-19 struck and the library was closed to the public. After reading in the paper that the library had “Books to Go”, I called Don McCue and arranged to deliver the books so they could be processed. On July 24, 2020, Pat and Diane went to the library for some publicity photos (maintaining social distancing and wearing masks).

A.K. Smiley Public Library is so thrilled with these books and thankful to all the members of Arrowhead Valley who made this project possible.

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Chapter Chatter: Catha Hall, Member of El Palo Alto & Gaspar de Portola Chapters Discovers Important Bible

When Catha Hall’s mother passed away in 2014, fifteen boxes of historical and genealogical information arrived at her door. She discovered that an important Hall family Bible was loaned and not returned in the 1920’s. Catha began a search online.  A link appeared for “the Rixey Family Bible” at Swann Auction Galleries in New York City.  This Bible was special because it listed the family’s slave records with her family’s information.  The Swann Gallery put her in touch with the current owner, Jim Melikian, a collector in Phoenix, Arizona.

With assistance from family members, Catha purchased this rare 1806 Bible. It had been owned by Captain Richard Rixey Jr., her 4X great-grandfather and a DAR patriot.  The slave records, recorded in blue, date from 1743 to 1862.  The family record began with the birth of his son, Samuel, in 1780. This marvelous deerskin Bible now resides in Woodside, California.

Catha realizes the importance of the slave holding records. She plans to have copies of the family records and the slave listings made for her family.  Eventually she will donate the Bible to The Museum of Culpeper History in
Culpeper, Virginia, where the Rixey family lived. There will be a proviso that the slave records be shared with The African American Museum in Washington, D.C., the State Library of Virginia, and other museums where people of color do their genealogical research.

Remember this story as you pursue your own family’s historical records. You never know what treasures will be discovered.

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Chapter Chatter: Alta Mira Installs Officers

On June 15, 2020, Alta Mira Chapter held their installation of officers poolside at the country home of Kathy Arnold.

Outgoing Regent Deanna Pettus acted as the installing officer. Deanna was thanked for her service and presented with a lovely orchid plant as well as other cards and gifts.

Photo L to R: Carla Shelton, Vice Regent; Kathy Arnold, Registrar; Debbie Rainey, Recording Secretary;Pat Holly, Regent, Picture in front is Norma Doyel, Chaplain.

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Chapter Chatter: John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter Meets Under Blue Skies

On July 6, 2020, the John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter held its first executive board meeting of the year at the home of newly elected Regent Diana Arnold. We maintained social distancing on her patio overlooking Hacienda Heights. The enthusiastic Daughters enjoyed the opportunity to meet after several months of sheltering in place.

The topics on the agenda included; (1) The continued support of Tamassee School; (2) Creating a conservation program; and (3) Awaiting the approval of four prospective members.

Regent Diana Arnold’s theme is “Pay it Forward.” Her motto is “It takes each us to make a difference for all of us.” This will be a year of innovative creativity. We will emphasis the importance of keeping in touch with each other.

L to R: Diana Arnold, Dixie Buxbaum, Frances Holt, Arlene Wright, Martha Schieve, Dianne Sickles, and Carol Shimko

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